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Steve-O shares footage showing how he got a 'lifetime ban' from flying on Delta

Steve-O shares footage showing how he got a 'lifetime ban' from flying on Delta

It needs to be seen to be believed.

It should come as no surprise that the world's most famous Jackass has been banned from a a number of places, and now Steve-O has shared the shocking footage that got him 'banned' from flying with Delta.

The professional prankster and entertainer compiled the 'douchiest footage' of his 'humiliating and illegal behaviour' that got him banned from the most random places.

Steve-O, real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover, included the shocking footage of him acting disorderly at an airport and a Delta flight back in 2004.

Describing the footage as 'difficult to watch', Steve-O explains how he was first approached by airport worker who tells him off for smoking inside the airport.

The worker warns that if he doesn't 'straighten himself out' he won't be flying. "This video might get a little bit turbulent," he says while clearly buzzed.

In the present day, while speaking to his 6.3 million YouTube subscribers, the 48-year-old explains he was 'slightly tipsy' but 'mostly wanted some crazy footage'.

He makes it onto the flight which is filled with passengers. It's not long before the former MTV trickster lights up another cigarette and starts smoking on board, which is a federal offence and not a felony.

Steve-O lit a cigarette on a Delta flight and was caught.

"I'm on a f**king commercial airline," he says to the camera in the throwback footage.

An 'unbelievably cool' flight attendant catches Steve-O in the act and tells him to 'put it out, man'.

"He was kind, gentle and informative. He explained that federal agents would be waiting for me at the airport," he recalls.

"When we landed I got busted."

When the plane landed in Panama City, Florida, he was escorted off the plane and issued with a $10,000 fine.

He adds triumphantly: "But we can be certain about two things, as I left that plane, every passenger was roaring for me.

"And I received a lifetime ban from flying on Delta."

Steve-O then suddenly added: "Just kidding, neither of those are true. I'm booked for Delta next week."

Steve-O was escorted off the flight.

Confused? Well, Steve-O discussed his video compilation and 'lifetime ban' from Delta in an interview with YMH in October.

Explaining the moment he found the footage and decided to release it, the television personality suggested that the lifetime ban was not enforced when he flew with the airline the day before the interview was recorded.

"I had some nerves checking in at Delta yesterday," he explains.

He goes on to confirm to the hosts that the lifetime ban 'didn't come up'.

UNILAD has contacted Delta Air Lines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Steve-O/YouTube

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