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Steve-O says his body is 'f***ing falling apart' after years of stunts
Featured Image Credit: Paramount/Instagram/@steveo

Steve-O says his body is 'f***ing falling apart' after years of stunts

Known as one of the most outrageous risk-takers of our time, Steve-O has spoken about the toll his pranks have taken on his body

Steve-O has been a professional prankster for decades and in the past 20 years since the debut of Jackass, he’s done countless crazy stunts.

While it may seem as though the 48-year-old is virtually indestructible, he recently told fans that his body is ‘f***ing falling apart’ after years of doing the most mind-blowing things.

Known as one of the most outrageous risk-takers of our time, years of doing everything our parents not to do has seemingly taken its toll on Steve-O’s body.

Steve-O has spoken about the impact his stunts have had on his body.

From the frightening alligator tightrope stunt where he manoeuvred across a pond full of the large reptiles while wearing raw meat in his underwear to putting a giant fish hook through his inner cheek and out the other side, this man doesn’t say ‘no’ to doing much.

That has all changed when the topic of golf came up during a chat with fans. In an 'Ask Me Anything (AMA) session' with fans on Reddit, Steve-O was asked if he’s into golf by a fan who also invited the former MTV star over for a game.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the game of golf may not happen.

“My body is f***ing falling apart,” he replied. “It hurts to swing a golf club. I’m legitimately nervous about even being able to throw the first pitch at the Padres game tomorrow, because my shoulder is such a disaster.”

Steve-O once put a fish hook through his cheek for Jackass.

Fans shared their concerns for the Wildboyz star after hearing about his injuries.

One Reddit user wrote: “I’m so sorry to hear that!! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but I want to just say that I hope you don’t feel pressure to continue sacrificing yourself for us, you’ve created a lifelong legacy and are so inspiring with all of the things you’ve accomplished in your lifetime, you absolutely deserve to officially retire and try to enjoy the rest of your time on earth. we all just want to see you okay!”

Another fan offered some advice, writing: “Sorry to hear it brother! Just pull it back and sling it, you got this!”

Fans also asked about his worst fan interactions, what was going through his mind when he was doing incredibly dangerous stunts and what his favorite tattoo was.

Steve-O has done lots of crazy stunts for his TV series Jackass.

He answered one fan who asked if he ever felt that his stunts would end up becoming an ‘insanely positive inspiration’ for people.

The fan asked: “Back in they day, when you were doing crazy stunts, and setting yourself on fire, and being tossed around in sh*t, and getting f***ed up, and puking out goldfish... did it ever cross your mind that you would end up being such an insanely positive inspiration and [role model] for so many people?”

Steve-O’s answer will probably surprise you as he said: “It may seem odd, but there was always a positive motivation in what I did. I was just sadly a mess.”

Who would've thought golf would be the thing Steve-O would say 'no' to...

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