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Steve-O has got his favorite tattoos removed for poignant reason
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Steve-O has got his favorite tattoos removed for poignant reason

Our little Steve-O is growing up!

Steve-O has revealed the poignant reason why he got rid of his favorite tattoos a decade after he got them.

The Jackass star hosted a Q&A session with fans on Reddit, and it's been surprisingly wholesome.

When one fan asked him about his impressively big ink collection, Steve-O revealed that his favorite tattoo is one that he doesn't even have anymore.

Steve-O spoke about why he had his favorite tattoo removed.

As part of the Q&A session, a fan had asked: "My question is out of all the tattoo’s you’ve gotten, which one is your favorite?"

The entertainer's answer was pretty unexpected - especially when he shared the particularly thoughtful reason why he had the ink removed.

"It's counterintuitive, for sure, but I got my favorite tattoos removed," he wrote.

"It was the words 's**t' and 'f*ck' tattooed on my knuckles, and I'll never stop being proud of the way I skated through life with those tattoos for over a decade without any problems to speak of.

"After that decade, though, I felt strongly that the tattoos had outlived their usefulness, and that whoever I had been trying to impress with them never cared. It was a great era, though..."

The Jackass star hosted a Q&A session with fans on Reddit.

And that wasn't the only deep answer that the Jackass star gave, either.

When one fan asked Steve-O about the worst pain he had ever felt, people were likely expecting him to speak about one of his gnarlier stunts.

Instead, he replied: "Such a tough question. I'm going to guess it is of the emotional variety."

It doesn't get much more real than that.

And when another fan asked him about how his mental health was lately, Steve-O laid it all out on the table, admitting that he lived 'in a perpetual state of anxiety and stress' and doesn't consider himself 'to be a happy person'.

The stuntman also spoke candidly about his mental health.

Recently, Steve-O, who recently celebrated 13 years of sobriety, has opened up about how devastating it has been to watch his former co-star Bam Margera go through a rocky few months.

Brendan 'Bam' Margera was on the run from police after allegedly attacking his brother, eventually surrendering himself after a few days.

The stuntman decided not to go into detail about Bam in his Q&A session, but did admit that he's still in touch with all of the Jackass gang except Bam.

He also briefly shared that he's holding out hope that Bam and his brother will both show up to their court date so that Bam can undergo a drug and alcohol assessment.

"I'm really hoping that things have gotten bad enough to finally get better for Bam. His potential is so great, man, everyone loves a comeback story," Steve-O said.

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