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Steve-O shares his worst interaction with a fan who saw his 'darkest' side
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Steve-O’s Wild Ride Podcast / @steveo/Instagram

Steve-O shares his worst interaction with a fan who saw his 'darkest' side

The Jackass star was asked a bunch of questions by fans about sobriety, pranks and fan interactions.

Steve-O has shared his worst fan interaction during a wild Q&A in which he touched on his ‘darkest’ side.

The 48-year-old Jackass star took to Reddit over the weekend for an Ask Me Anything session, where he chatted about everything from sobriety to who in the Jackass crew has the highest IQ.

Steve-O, of course, also touched upon his wildest pranks and stunts because as the majority of his fan base will know, he's notorious for them.

But when one fan asked the professional prankster about his ‘worst fan’ interaction with an individual’, Steve-O had a very specific anecdote.

Steve-O shared an odd interaction with fans.

"People who have given me tittie twisters have seen my darkest, least flattering side,” he replied.

“It's always happened when I was doing meet and greets that I didn't have to be doing, trying to be cool to my fans, and then these sh*theads put their hands on my in the most disrespectful way... f*ck, I've hated that, and those people.

"When I'm trying to be cool to you, please try to be cool to me."

Steve-O’s fans were quick to call out the fans who touch him inappropriately, with one saying: “Wow that’s insane that someone would think it was ok to do that… like wtf."

A second Reddit user said: “Dude I would punch someone for doing that to me. I’m sure you reacted better than most people would.”

And a third fan wrote: “That’s awful, I’m sorry a***holes did that to you, especially since you’re so kind to your fans.

Steve-O's fans came to his defence after he revealed details about the fan interaction.

"My husband had a chance to meet you at a meet and greet in Portland a few years back, and he said you were such a genuine a great guy, that you treating everyone with so much respect.”

Elsewhere during the chat, the entertainer and TV personality was asked whether he regrets any of his pranks.

The fan asked: “Hey Steve-O! Super cool to see you doing an AMA. Super curious to know if there’s been any particular stunt(s)/prank(s) that’s stuck out to you the most that you really just regret or felt like it went too far? Thanks bud!”

Steve-O replied: “I regret things that did harm to others.”

Another fan revealed they recently achieved three years of sobriety from drugs and cigarettes and over 900 days of alcohol sobriety.

This year, Steve-O marked 15 years being sober and he has been rather open about his sobriety journey and the setbacks he has faced in the past.

Steve-O also answered questions about sobriety.

As the fan admitted to struggling with beating their sugar addiction, Steve-O replied: “Join the club! Sugar is the gnarliest.”

And if you were wondering who has the highest IQ in the Jackass crew, Steve-O revealed: "I'm gonna go with Knoxville."

At the end of the AMA, which lasted for five hours, he signed off: “I want to thank everyone for being so thoughtful, positive, and supportive. It really blows me away that I was able to do this for so long, and encounter so little negativity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.

"There is an incredible amount of juicy stuff in this, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did! Thanks again.”

This is so wholesome!

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