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Singer Ciara responds to the backlash she copped for her Oscars after party dress

Singer Ciara responds to the backlash she copped for her Oscars after party dress

The singer proved on TikTok she's the queen of shade.

Ciara has finally responded to the backlash over her Oscars Vanity Fair after party dress.

The singer stopped traffic when she pulled up to the blue carpet in a mesh sequined dress, wearing nothing but a thong and nipple pasties underneath, showing all of her ‘goodies’.

It was a serious fashion moment for the ‘Get Up’ singer’; however, there were loads of people who were less than pleased with her attire.

One person wrote: “So Ciara wore this dress to the Oscars. But with the Oscars being what it is, should we be surprised? I do wonder how Russell really feels though, with seeing his wife in public like this. What happened to having ‘class’?”

Another said: “I thought Ciara is married with kids? Abeg where’s her husband Russell when she wore this dress?”

I’ll have you know, right next to her, sir.

While another troll shared: “Eww Russel Wilson's wife Ciara's dumb trashy Oscar dress with her a** exposed. No matter how sexy you think your ass is, you’re a mom. Cover it. It's the Oscars not the beach. Be like Liz Taylor. Classy is better.”

However, many were quick to come to the singer’s aid, as one person wrote: “Ciara the queen of setting the internet on fire and not giving a single f**k. Sis on her Instagram talking about skin care like y’all aren’t currently livid about this dress. We have to stan.”

While another said: “A bunch of unmarried pick me’s on the clock app talking about how Ciara’s dress wasn’t becoming of a wife…as she stands next to her whole husband.”

Ciara herself has now responded to the backlash in a hilarious TikTok video.

Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

In the nine-second clip titled ‘Selective outrage’, the 37-year-old is seen covered in an off-white cloth paired with black shades.

The video is also accompanied by audio of photographers screaming her name on the red carpet as she walks and grins down the lens.

Many were quick to praise the artist for maintaining a sense of humor while poking fun at her critics.

One person wrote: “Get ‘em Cici…people tripping for no reason. You looked absolutely amazing.”

Another said: “I live…this is my level of petty.”

A third commented: “The sheer pettiness is just….refreshing. I love it and I’m here for it.”

While another marveled: “You wear the hell out of that sheet.”

Featured Image Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo. Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

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