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Flight attendant reveals how hot meals are prepared on board
Featured Image Credit: virginaustralia/TikTok

Flight attendant reveals how hot meals are prepared on board

Did you know this?

Plane food can be pretty hit and miss. Either it's better than you expected, or it's *way* worse.

On most flights, you can get a selection of different foods - from snacks like crisps, cakes and toasties, to hot, three-course meals.

Of course, this depends on the airline and whether you're traveling long or short haul.

But have you ever wondered how staff actually prepare plane food? And how is it even heated?

Have you ever wondered how food is cooked on a plane?
Juan Silva/Getty Images

Well, one flight attendant has revealed all in a video uploaded onto Virgin Australia's TikTok page.

"Cooking at 38,000ft. ever wondered how we cook onboard?" the caption reads.

In the clip, an attendant can be seen standing at one end of the plane, next to what looks like a series of ovens.

You can watch the clip below:

"First things first, oven mitts," the video begins.

"We then have four ovens on board. This means we can heat up menu items like our ham and cheese toasties.

"Toastie incoming."

And people were quick to comment on the video, with many specifically calling out Virgin Australia's toasties.

One person wrote: "When I flew virgin Australia business class and I had a toastie for breakfast and some other stuff. It was like the best experience I’ve ever had on a plane. Just sitting on a plane eating a toastie watching the sunrise."

While another said: "Your guys ham and cheese toasties are the best no joke."

And a third added: "When I went on virgin Australia, you guys toastie are real good."

"I had a toastie on my flight it was the best toastie I've ever had," said another.

Wow, we need to try this toastie!

There are ovens onboard the plane.

In other news, a former flight attendant has warned of a 'germ hotspot' on planes that you may want to avoid on your next flight.

Speaking to, Jane Hawkes said: "Regardless of cabin class, there are some parts of a plane which are dirtier than others but not the toilets as you would expect.

"They might look clean enough but seat-back trays are big germ hotspots. It's always wise to have antibacterial wipes on hand to wipe them down before use.

"Seat-back trays are not routinely cleaned between boarding especially on short turnarounds."

Of course, cleaning procedures will vary from airline to airline, but you may want to give the tray a wipe down, just to be on the safe side.

She added: "Deep cleaning takes place overnight or during scheduled maintenance.

"Choose an early morning flight for the best chance to avoid the grot. You also don't know what the trays have been used for.

"Instead of somewhere to place drinks and snacks, the previous passenger could have changed nappies there or slept on it."


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