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Former flight attendant warns of 'germ hotspot' that you'll want to avoid next time you fly

Former flight attendant warns of 'germ hotspot' that you'll want to avoid next time you fly

You may want to pack some antibacterial wipes to minimise your chances of coming down with an illness just as you're jetting off

A former flight attendant has warned of a 'germ hotspot' on planes that you may want to avoid on your next flight.

There are few among us who enjoy flying, but it's a price worth paying to see the world, and there are steps you can take to make it as pain-free as possible.

One important thing to consider is hygiene, because the last thing you want to do is fall ill before your holiday has even begun.

Jane Hawkes, a consumer travel expert and former flight attendant, has warned that there are 'germ hotspots' on planes that you should be mindful of.

Speaking to, she said: "Regardless of cabin class, there are some parts of a plane which are dirtier than others but not the toilets as you would expect.

"They might look clean enough but seat-back trays are big germ hotspots. It's always wise to have antibacterial wipes on hand to wipe them down before use.

"Seat-back trays are not routinely cleaned between boarding especially on short turnarounds."

Of course, cleaning procedures will vary from airline to airline, but you may want to give the tray a wipe down, just to be on the safe side.

She added: "Deep cleaning takes place overnight or during scheduled maintenance.

"Choose an early morning flight for the best chance to avoid the grot. You also don't know what the trays have been used for.

"Instead of somewhere to place drinks and snacks, the previous passenger could have changed nappies there or slept on it."

Guys, if you're gonna wanna wear a nappy on a plane then suit yourself, but please don't change into a new one on the seat-back tray.

Enjoy your meal, but just know that a pooey nappy may have been on that tray.
Avpics / Alamy Stock Photo

Hawkes concluded by explaining how crews might sometimes forget to check certain areas and compartments.

She said: "Be wary of seat-back pockets which could be littered with used tissues, half eaten food and sick bags if not checked properly before passengers board.

"The interiors are tricky to clean so could well be a hive of bacteria and mould."

I mean, if I got to my seat and there was a bag of sick in the pocket and a used nappy on the tray I would be asking for a new seat. No, demanding a new seat.

But maybe pack some antibacterial wipes on your next flight, just to be on the safe side.

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