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'Loud budgeting' is a new trend taking over TikTok that's actually helping people save money

'Loud budgeting' is a new trend taking over TikTok that's actually helping people save money

The trend is blowing up on social media

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on a new money-saving TikTok trend called 'loud budgeting'.

While MrBeast certainly doesn't need to be hopping on a money-saving trend anytime soon after making over $250,000 on a single X video, the rest of us mere mortals are still desperately clinging on amid a cost of living crisis.

However, fear not if you've been at a loss over how to save some more pennies, as a TikToker has come to the rescue.

TikToker Lukas Battle took to his page on 30 December to introduce the new 'concept'.

In the video, he says: "Loud budgeting is a new concept I'm introducing for 2024.

"It's the opposite of quiet luxury. But if you know any rich people, you know that they hate spending money so it's almost more chic, more stylish, more of a flex.

"Loud budgeting has the same feeling as sneaking candy into a movie theater - you feel like you got away with something, you feel like you're on an adventure. You feel like you're coming out of the situation winning."

But what does 'loud budgeting' actually mean and how do you put it into practice?

Prepare yourself for a more empowering way to save.
TikTok/ @lukasbattle

Well, the TikToker explains it's basically changing how you think about not spending.

So, rather than saying 'I don't have enough' you say 'I don't want to spend'.

Battle exemplifies: "So if your friend texts you, 'I want to hang out,' you text, 'I don't want to spend gas money, I'm coming to you to hear you talk about your ex for three hours'."

The TikToker adds: "Let’s send a message to corporations about the national inflation level. Let’s take a stand. Also, while quiet luxury is about idolising celebrities, loud budgeting is about the everyday person, the average joe."

And with the video having gone viral, it hasn't taken long for people to flood to social media to weigh in on the trend.

Warning: Explicit language

One TikToker wrote: "Loud budgeting is buying the travel size conditioner."

"My parents are JUST like this. Not flashy at all. I never thought we had money growing up then I realized they bought their home cash, retired early 50s, bought a boat, ski in park city," another added.

A third commented: "Someone said that spending money is an ick in 2024 and now I’m living by that."

"I pay a lot of money to be at home. So that’s where I’ll be," a fourth wrote.

And a final resolved: "I've loud budgeted for 25 years and have 6 houses and a dollar tree black belt. Earn close to half mil and still recoil at Starbucks prices."

Maya McIntyre even told AU News she's taken part in the trend and ended up saving $250. So, run don't walk into the trend and loud budget away.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @lukasbattle

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