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Couple warned after discovering ‘suspicious’ secret room behind bookcase in their home
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/kids_up_in_here

Couple warned after discovering ‘suspicious’ secret room behind bookcase in their home

"Ma'am, that looks like a murder room."

A couple, who discovered a secret room in their home, four years after moving in, were forced to call local police to check no crimes had occurred in the mysterious space.

TikTok user Aurora Blazingstar and her husband made the startling discovery after removing the carpet in their basement - and now others are worried for their safety.

Taking to the app, Aurora shared a clip of her husband pushing a portion of wall out the way, to reveal a metal door which led to an entire new room.

We're not just talking about a small cupboard or hidey-hole here, there is a whole room hidden and the homeowners had absolutely no idea.

Sharing the clip she wrote: "What the f***, we have never seen this in our house and we have lived here for four years."

While many of her followers were completely baffled as to how the room could go unnoticed for all this time, it turns out the entrance to the room was hidden by a 'sliding drywall pocket door.'

Inside, the long and skinny room had a drain, a working light switch and bulb and several mats on the floor, suggesting it had been in working in order in the not-so-distant past.

After discovering the mysterious space, Aurora and her husband put forward a few suggestions as to what the room, which was clearly meant to stay hidden, could be used for.


They suggested a panic room, a bomb shelter and even a gun safe, but their followers had more sinister ideas in mind, with several pointing out that a panic room generally wouldn't have a handle on the outside.

"Ma’am, that screams murder room. You can only open the door from the outside, there is a floor drain and 'rust' on the floor," one commented.

"I think you guys need to have the police come in and look at that."

Another added: "It actually looks like a room that a serial killer took his victims to chop them up. Look at the random drain in the floor."

Aurora asked her followers: "Should be we bring in a cadaver dog? No, they've probably had a gun safe in here."

Although she appeared to be joking, the TikToker confirmed in a follow up video that police had been called to investigate the space, but no evidence of any crime was discovered.


She said: "They did not see any signs of crime, they are not investigating anything, they did not see anything that looked like DNA evidence that needed to be collected, but they were really impressed on how the room was hidden and that is was really cool."

What makes the discovery even more strange, however, is the fact that the couple had previously found another room, which had been located behind a wall mirror in the upstairs of the home, which is now being used as their children's playroom.

What will crop up next?

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