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Woman warned after discovering secret room in ‘creepy‘ basement of 200-year-old house

Woman warned after discovering secret room in ‘creepy‘ basement of 200-year-old house

The eerie discovery has left viewers spooked

A woman has been warned after making an eerie discovery from a mysterious leak in her 200-year-old house.

TikTok user Mystee (@mysteeipong) took to the video-sharing platform to document the moment she and her husband found a hidden area with their New York home.

Watch what they found below:

In a series of videos, the woman said she 'noticed there was a leak' with 'water backing up' from a random section in the basement.

Mystee's husband Ken decided to join in with the fun in the basement, as the pair began to unearth the 'interesting history' behind what was found.

The TikToker told her followers that Ken and his family 'has some experience with very creepy stuff' that she insisted would help.

In the viral video uploaded last week, Mystee - who is 'super interested in the history' - revealed her rather strange findings.

It entails a closed-up door in her basement, which leads to a room.

"You can even see a doorway around it," she said in the TikTok video.

Despite their apparent experience in the area, the couple did not exactly have the tools to deal with such a situation.

The discovery was pretty creepy.

"Luckily they are cinder blocks so they are hollow on the inside, we got through the first part but we have yet to get through the second part," she said.

"The reason why we haven't been able to get through is because this room is filled with rocks."

Mystee did some subsequent research on the history of her home, revealing how she thinks the room may have been previously linked to a tunnel.

"I didn't know that my house had ties to the underground railroad," she said, adding: "We looked up Clarkson and sure enough, eight minutes away there is a station."

Viewers have flocked to the comments section of the TikTok video, with many spooked by the footage.

However, others suggested the couple should get a professional involved to help out with their discovery.

One wrote: "I have never been so creeped out and invested at the same time."

Another added: "Am I the only one that thinks that room is sealed off for a reason?"

A third commented: "Bro used the smallest tools possible."

Someone else penned: "Keep the sage burning, there's no telling what will be released from there."

And a final user remarked: "Bricked in room 200-year-old house that’s the plot to MOST 80s horror movies lol."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mysteeipong

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