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Ron DeSantis tells customers at bar 'I'll serve you anything except Bud Light'

Ron DeSantis tells customers at bar 'I'll serve you anything except Bud Light'

The beer has somehow become an issue in the culture war

Florida governor and US presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was caught on camera telling a bar he'd serve them 'anything except Bud Light'.

The Republican politician was in a Nevada bar on 16 June when he made the quip after offering the customers a round of drinks.

In the clip, which was shared by his spokesperson, Lindsey Curnutte, DeSantis says: "Just so you know, I'll serve you anything except Bud Light. I just can't do it."

According to Fox News, it prompted some laughter from the crowd and if you're wondering why a beer like Bud Light is somehow the punchline to a joke, then here's your answer.

The beer brand came under criticism from certain elements after partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

They sent Mulvaney a personalized can with her face on it to commemorate 365 days since she transitioned, and these aforementioned certain elements responded with all the maturity and dignity you'd expect from people throwing a tantrum over a beer brand advert.

Some of them filmed themselves pouring cans of Bud Light down the sink, while musician Kid Rock filmed himself shooting cans of the beer.

Ron DeSantis told customers in a bar that he'd 'serve them anything except Bud Light'.
Paul Hennessy / Alamy Stock Photo

Others have boycotted the brand, which has since been overtaken as the top selling beer in the US after sales fell, though it continues to be one of the most popular beer brands in the US.

Folks have even had a go at Garth Brooks for selling Bud Light at his bar in Nashville, but he's not bowing to pressure and has insisted his bar will be 'all-inclusive' and 'safe' for customers.

This tiresome furore has even made Joe Rogan into the voice of reason, with the popular podcaster wondering 'who gives a s**t' while sipping from a can of Bud Light.

He wondered why people were getting their knickers in such a twist about 'a can with that person's face on it' and pointed out it was custom made for Mulvaney, rather than something going on the shelves for people to buy.

However, Rogan also admitted he found Kid Rock's video 'funny', saying 'I love that kind of thinking', even though he didn't agree with the message.

UNILAD has reached out to Anheuser-Busch and DeSantis' reps for comment.

Bud Light sent her some cans of beer to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her transition.

As for Ron DeSantis, he's trying to become the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential elections.

His main opponents areDonald Trump, who has pleaded not guilty to over 37 counts of hoarding classified government documents and Mike Pence, Trump's former Vice-President.

According to polling averages, it looks like the current frontrunner is not DeSantis, but Trump, who could potentially be facing up to 400 years in prison.

DeSantis himself is also busy trying to pick a fight with Mickey Mouse, with his office claiming that it's not about targeting Disney for their stance on the LGBTQ community, and instead about tax and governance privileges the company enjoys in Florida.

Featured Image Credit: Ron DeSantis

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