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Hotel forced to make statement after guest finds 'bag of blood' in their room

Hotel forced to make statement after guest finds 'bag of blood' in their room

It was taken for a forensic examination

One woman's holiday took a sinister turn as she found a mysterious bag of red liquid in her hotel room.

We've all had less than ideal hotel experiences - rooms that haven't been cleaned properly, unexpected noise keeping you up all night - but few of us have had it as bad as Ásh Whïté when she checked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Tallahassee.

No doubt hoping for a relaxing stay ahead of a family reunion, Whïté claims she arrived to find her room hadn't been cleaned and trash had been left outside, but her day was about to get a whole lot worse when she looked in the closet.

She said in a TikTok video: "Y'all we had the absolute worst stay in Tallahassee here at the Hilton Garden Inn.

"This was our room, number 215. It was dirty upon arrival. Trash was outside the room as well.

"We was rushing, not trying to do the full inspection but we noticed something in our closet.

She noticed the room hadn't been cleaned.
Facebook / Ásh Whïté

"We went to go and get housekeeping and we was like, 'Hey, can y'all check this bag out, it was some kind of red liquid."

She claims a hotel worker said: "We’re contracted with Planned Parenthood. This looks like an aborted fetus. We’re just going to take it."

The guests demanded a full refund following the discovery. Law enforcement also looked into the incident.

The guest said: "That wasn’t just something you just put on somebody like that and expect them to just go on about their day. This was the worst day ever. So I was like, I want my money back."

It turns out the bag wasn't an aborted fetus as the woman had claimed, but the actual contents of the bag weren't much better.

The bag.
Facebook / Ásh Whïté

Forensic testing on the contents of the bag found it was actually vomit and wine. Lovely.

In a statement to the Florida Standard, the hotel said: "In response to the serious allegation, our staff immediately contacted law enforcement and a thorough investigation was conducted. A forensic analysis concluded that the allegation was false.

"We take all guest concerns very seriously, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for all our guests."

UNILAD has contacted the Tallahassee Hilton Garden Inn for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok / @1jusst.ash

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