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Mom called out for taking picture with her baby on balcony ledge

Mom called out for taking picture with her baby on balcony ledge

It's giving Michael Jackson

A mom has been called out for taking a photo of herself with her baby on a balcony ledge.

Camila Coelho is best known as a beauty and fashion influencer, and her social media profiles very much reflect that.

On her Instagram page you'll noticed the obligatory 'fit shots', featuring the 35-year-old in perfectly styled clothing and makeup, with product ads scattered throughout her account.

Although people might be sick of the Insta influencer format, there's nothing too offensive about it.

But this all changed when Camila shared the photos in question, one of which shows her standing on a balcony in Paris.

Camila Coelho has been slammed for the risky photos.

Right beside her is her seven-month-old son Kai, who is balancing on top of the ledge with no other safety support other than the US model's arm.

In another, she holds him up in the air as his feet dangle near the edge - it's giving Michael Jackson.

Alongside the snaps, she wrote: "Kai’s first time in PARIS... so happy to be back (for PFW) and spend my birthday tomorrow here with him and hubby."

Though it was no doubt meant to be a throwaway post, thousands of people have taken to the comments section to accuse the mom of putting her baby in danger in the name of social media likes.

The influencer was accused of putting her child at risk.

As said by one: "Babies and balconies don’t go together. People will naturally get triggered.

"You are my favourite fashion blogger and I’m sure you were in control, but there will be other wannabe bloggers who will try to recreate this image and potentially put their babies at risk.

"It takes a second for an accident to happen. It’s not worth the risk or pic."

"How far can you go for likes?" asked another, adding, "Yes you are in Paris and yes, you have a view. No need to put a baby on the edge of a balcony.

"In some countries I think you can be accused of neglecting your baby (e.g. Some European countries). Please stop monetizing pics with your child!"

A third added, "This picture just gave me anxiety, baby so close to the edge," while a fourth said, "That is how accidents happen."

Others were quick to draw parallels between Camila's images and the Michael Jackson incident when he was heavily criticised for dangling his son Blanket, who was just a baby at the time, over a hotel balcony as he greeted fans.

People likened the moment to the Michael Jackson incident.

"Michael Jackson got in trouble for a similar photo," wrote one, while another said, "The second picture gave me Michael Jackson flash backs!"

A third added: "Omg has she lost her mind? This reminds me of the Michael Jackson baby / balcony scene."

UNILAD has contacted Camila for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @camilacoelho

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