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Michael Jackson once had a supermarket closed so he could pretend he was a normal person

Michael Jackson once had a supermarket closed so he could pretend he was a normal person

The King of Pop likened his grocery store extravaganza to visiting Disneyland in the odd clip from 2003.

Ah, celebrities, they're just like us, except they're totally not.

When you’re a megastar, a simple task such as buying groceries turns into a novelty, which is exactly what Michael Jackson was treated to in 2003.

Two decades ago, a dear friend of the 'Billie Jean' singer shut down an entire shopping mall so he could experience what it was like to be a true Average Joe.

As Jackson shot to fame as a childhood music star with The Jackson 5, he found it difficult to do things that normal people would do.

However, in this instance, he was granted the opportunity to roam the aisles of a supermarket to see what was on offer without being hounded by fans.

The star broke down the experience in a candid confessional for a 2003 Fox special, Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies.

"It's my dream to go into a supermarket and just shop. Just be like everybody else and put things in a basket," Jackson said.

"Because I can't do it. Because when I try to do it, people crowd around me - they want autographs and for me to sign things and to take pictures."

The megastar revealed that was a big reason behind him wearing disguises when he was out and about.

Don't forget to get bread, Michael.
Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies/Fox.

"That's why I love disguises so much, I can sit on a bench at Disneyland and see what people really do and talk about - but when they see it’s Michael Jackson they change, and I don't see the real thing.

"And I want to see the real world and what it's like and it's really difficult."

In a voice-over, he added: "It gave me a chance to see, in my way, kind of what the real world is like. Even though it wasn't the real thing."

Although the mall had been shut down for him, the supermarket was still bustling with people: Jackson's staff, family, and friends who had come together to make shopping a special experience.

Some pals dressed up like the workers at the grocery store, while others casually shopped around him in regular people clothes.

Even the store's background music was tweaked to play supermarket-friendly versions of Jackson's own bops.

Admittedly, the King of Pop did look pretty chuffed going up and down the aisles with his own cart.

The footage shows him goofing around in the store, and, at one point, he likened the experience to visiting Disneyland as he 'got to do something [he doesn't] normally get to do."

Featured Image Credit: Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies/Fox.

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