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Couple left fuming after trying to deposit Donald Trump money thinking it was legal tender

Couple left fuming after trying to deposit Donald Trump money thinking it was legal tender

The bank teller howled with laughter as the refused to believe the Trump Bucks they had purchased were worthless.

An American bank teller has been left in fits of laughter after a couple attempted to exchange 'Trump Bucks' for cash.

The Georgian woman shared on Reddit the weird exchange she had with an unnamed duo who swung by the bank she works at with a Trump souvenir currently clutched firmly in their mitts.

But, unfortunately, they hadn't quite got the memo that 'Trump Bucks' are worthless.

"A couple just came in wanting to cash this and claimed it was real gold and legal tender," she said on the social media site.

She initially laughed at the couple's request as she thought they were kidding.

When she realised they weren't, it got very awkward.

After telling them 'Trump Bucks' wasn't a 'real thing', they pushed back and told her that it is and that they 'got it from Donald Trump himself'.

Despite them not taking no for an answer, the unnamed Redditor said she had to double-down and explain to them that it was a fake bill and can't be used or exchanged for actual money.

In what some may say is rather typical behaviour when it comes to Trump supporters, the couple refused to listen to reason.

"It is real. I was told to bring it to a bank to exchange it for cash," the bank teller recalled the couple saying.

The woman eventually had to fetch her supervisor, with the customer telling her: "He'll tell you it's real. That's real gold too, you can feel it."

Trump Bucks, for the record, are not made from gold in any way.

Her supervisor ended up in the same cyclical conversation with the Trump fan, re-explaining that the souvenir - which clearly stated 'prop' on the note - was fake money.

The couple told the bank employees they would go to Bank of America instead to get their money, before adding: "So you guys won't accept it? You sure?"

Trump Bucks.

When the staff declined, they received a blank stare from the angry couple before they left.

While we're sure they were not impressed they were tricked out of actual money (as they told staff they paid for the Trump Bucks), people on social media were thrilled with the couple's epic fail.

One Reddit user said: "Did you laugh really hard? Would have been fun to be a bystander."

Another social media user chimed in with: "Seriously these people are dumb as f**k. Someone at the Conservative Political Action Conference was selling MAGA hammocks for $1,000 and they were apparently going like hot cakes."

A third chimed in with: "The real irony is that it's Republicans that are looking to slash social security."

The Trump Bucks website clearly states that the bills are 'commemorative gift items and have 'absolutely no cash value and are not a form of currency in any way'.

Depending on how many you order, they can cost up to USD$8.99 each.

Featured Image Credit: Bob Daemmrich/Alamy Live News.

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