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US rapper Russ stops live show and jumps off stage as security get 'aggressive' with female fan

US rapper Russ stops live show and jumps off stage as security get 'aggressive' with female fan

Rapper Russ stopped his live show and jumped off the stage as he called security 'aggressive' in the way they dealt with a fan

Artists might often stop shows for technical reasons or to chat to their adoring fans, but not usually because members of the audience are being handled by security.

Russ recently did just that when a female fan was swarmed by staff at his performance.

The ‘What They Want’ rapper was headlining the Coca-Cola stage at Calgary Stampede on Thursday 6 July when he became distracted by a situation at the front of the crowd.

While fans elsewhere are being called out for throwing objects at performers on stage and injuring them, it seems Russ was concerned about his fans being injured themselves.

A video shared to TikTok shows the altercation, and reads: “Russ jumps off stage after security gets too aggressive.”

After first asking if ‘she’s OK’ as the woman stands among security in front of the stage, the video appears to take a dramatic turn.

“Yo, what are you doing?” the rapper asks as she is suddenly handled by more than one member of security staff at the music stage in Canada. “That’s a female bro, what’s wrong with you?”

Multiple members of staff appear to grab and hold her as she pushes back, while Russ’ music cuts out.

He got pretty angry as he shouted down the microphone: “That’s a woman, you don’t need to be that aggressive. There’s five f**king dudes.”

The woman is soon on the ground and members of the crowd scream and shout as well as shouting ‘thank you’ to Russ.

Russ questioned the security for having so many staff deal with the woman.

Other clips even show the rapper jumping down from the stage and approaching the staff and woman himself.

The crowd cheer as the video reads: “Russ helps her up and makes sure she’s good.”

He appears to chat with the woman who stands back up before she is escorted away by one security member.

After the situation is calmed down, Russ reassured the crowd: “I don’t know what was going on over there but all I saw was five grown men with one chick doing way too much.

“It didn’t need that much aggression. I don’t know if there was a fight. That was way too much. Jesus.”

Fans praised the rapper in the comments, writing: “That’s why Russ is forever daddy.”

Another said: “I mean, we all knew this man was a safe space but here’s more proof.”

Another claimed the woman was ‘pulled out when someone was pulling HER hair’, saying it escalated seemingly ‘for no reason’.

Calgary Stampede told UNILAD: "The safety of our guests, performers, volunteers and employees is the Calgary Stampede’s top priority.

"We are aware of a video that was taken at the Russ concert and are investigating. We are committed to ensuring that Stampede Park is a safe and welcoming place for everyone."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Russexual

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