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Taylor Swift fan trying to be incognito after skipping work to get merch shocked after going viral

Taylor Swift fan trying to be incognito after skipping work to get merch shocked after going viral

'Incognito Swiftie' is quite shocked at her newfound fame

The things people will do for Taylor Swift, huh?

A Swiftie who went viral after she put a blanket over her head to go buy Swift's merchandise so she wouldn't be recognised by her boss is quite surprised at her newfound fame.

The hardcore fan is still not revealing her identity after she was interviewed whilst queuing for merch at the 'Karma' singer's stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

And she's struck a chord with other Swifties when she also admitted to having called in sick to work that day.

Hence why she felt the need to put a blanket over her head when going on the news.

Why she thought she needed to pop a pair of sunglasses on top of that, however, is beyond me.

Either way, the skiving worker, who'd travelled from Louisville, Kentucky, has been taken aback by her internet notoriety.

The woman, who has been branded 'incognito Swiftie' online, said: "I had no idea it had blown up and then one person sent me a message on Facebook and was like, ‘Is this you? Because I feel like this is you.'

This incognito Swiftie is surprised by her newfound fame.

"And I said, 'Oh my God! How did you see this? This isn’t even our state. How did you see this?'

"She said, 'Uh, it’s everywhere'."

And it was her love for T-Swizzle that pushed her to pull a sickie and travel across state lines.

Reflecting on the interview, she told an ABC News 7: "It was really weird because everyone else was getting interviewed and I was just like, throwing the blanket on while everyone else was getting interviewed.

"And I was like, 'Let me top it off with some sunglasses, add some spice to it. And then you came along and said, ‘We’re gonna interview you at 9:45’ and I was like, 'Okay girl! So that’s what we did'."

Since becoming an internet sensation, her blanketed 'face' has made its way onto t-shirts.

Incognito Swiftie said: "Like, I have made jokes for friends and family for their birthdays. I’ve printed my face on a cake as a joke. But I’ve never had my face on a t-shirt for people in other states."

Ironically, her outfit wasn't even intended as a tribute to Swift's music video Anti-Hero, it just sort of happened that way.

Some drew a comparison between this fan and the blanketed figures appearing in Taylor Swift's music video Anti-Hero.
YouTube/Taylor Swift

And most importantly, her boss still hasn't clocked on. But she's not totally in the clear yet.

She said: "Some people at my work know. But it's still kind of iffy. I don't know if the right people know if that makes sense."

Well, as Swift herself once sang: 'Dear reader, the greatest of luxuries is your secrets'.

Featured Image Credit: WKRC

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