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Wheel of Fortune viewers furious after Pat Sajak ‘robbed’ contestant

Wheel of Fortune viewers furious after Pat Sajak ‘robbed’ contestant

She was so close

Fans have hit out at Pat Sajak after a contestant was 'robbed' on a recent episode of the Wheel of Fortune.

Neetu Varshney appeared on the hit gameshow but fell foul of its host during the 'Toss Up' puzzle.

During the second of the show, Varshney tried to work out the puzzle, attempting to guess the phrase from the letters assembled.

However, she missed out on the correct answer... by a hair's breadth.

Varshney suggested that the phrase they were looking for was 'In a moment's notice', but was told by Sajak that she was not right.

It was, in fact, 'At a moment's notice', and to add insult to injury, her fellow contestant Jeremy Manos then managed to solve the riddle, bagging himself a cool $2,000.

"Almost got it, but it’s ‘at a moment’s notice'," Sajak told the contestant.

I mean, rules is rules, as they say.

Varshney just missed out on the correct answer.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Varshney went on to lose the entire game, with Manos walking away with $49,618, leaving her with a paltry $1,000.

Viewers watching back home were devastated for the teacher, and have since come out in force to criticise the show for not giving her the money.

One user said: “@WheelofFortune @patsajak NEETU got robbed on that puzzle solve."

Another angered fan commented: "I’m so glad to see other people that care — because you can absolutely see the upset in her face."

"It wasn’t right, it’s dismissive and a total let down by @WheelofFortune @CBS @TheVannaWhite #neetu deserves better," put a third.


Fans felt sorry for the contestant.

One viewer was so upset by it all that they even called for Varshney to get another chance to out things right.

“Neetu answered correctly. she has an accent @WheelofFortune she deserves another episode," they said.

UNILAD has contacted Wheel of Fortune for a comment.

Earlier this year, Sajak hit the headlines when he was seen tackling a contestant during one show.

It was business as usual for 76-year-old TV legend back in March before things took an unexpected turn.

The episode’s star player, named Fred, revealed he has a bunch of talents including being a bar trivia host, working as a drama teacher and a professional wrestler.

After guessing countless words correctly, Sajak joked: “Well, the Fred Fletcher Jackson show continues.”

Fred’s clean sweep meant he was able to progress to the final round with $5,700 in the bank. The two other guests could barely get a word in edgewise (literally) and Sajak gave a hilarious apology to them before jokingly calling Fred a ‘brute’ for doing so well

“To you two, I want to say it happens sometimes – someone just gets really hot,” Sajak said. “Just because he’s a professional wrestler… You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that.”

Fred took home an extra $40,000 after guessing the final phrase ‘His mind is wandering’ correctly and Sajak – who has hosted the show since 1981 – was in shock.

Keeping with his promise to the two unfortunate guests from earlier, Sajak then grabs and tries to tackle Fred while the audience watch and applaud.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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