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Viewers are horrified after getting their first look at Sebastian in The Little Mermaid live-action film

Viewers are horrified after getting their first look at Sebastian in The Little Mermaid live-action film

A full-length trailer has finally dropped and the legendary crustacean is looking very different.

A full-length trailer for The Little Mermaid has finally been released and it's finally given us an insight into what we can expect from the live-action film.

While the visuals look undeniably incredible and Halle Bailey sounds perfect as Ariel, there's one character that is freaking viewers out a little.

The protagonist's friends in the original are Sebastian the crab and Flounder the tropical fish.

The 2023 version has the same dynamic duo, however because it's a live-action, they have to make the sea creatures look real as well.

Sebastian looks kind of terrifying as a real crab and certainly not one you would want to do a duet with.

One person wrote: "This is why live action just doesn't work for most Disney movies."

Another added: "Sebastian what did they do to you."

A third said: "Okay so Flounder is just a realistic looking fish and Sebastian is just a realistic looking crab, great job Disney your ruining this film already!"

Flounder also looks very realistic, which is technically a good thing because then Disney is sticking to the theme, but, again, viewers feel like the magic of the character has been lost.

But, fans were delighted to see more of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.


In this trailer, we witnessed Ariel meeting the Disney villain and how she convinces the princess to break free from her oceanic shackles to join the human world.

One fan on Twitter said: "Melissa McCarthy just sold me on her playing Ursula. The laugh is it."

A second echoed: "Melissa McCarthy is gonna eat Ursula UP."

A third commented: "Slayyyyy."

It was revealed more than three years ago that McCarthy would take on the role of the iconic Disney sea witch and that Halle Bailey would play the leading role as Ariel.

When the trailer for the highly-anticipated remake of the 1989 classic was first released, the reaction to Halle Bailey's casting as Ariel was intense.

But, it wasn't long before social media was flooded with devastatingly cute videos of little girls around the world squealing and jumping for joy after recognising a Disney princess who looked like them.

The Little Mermaid will hit cinemas on May 25 and there's no doubt it one hell of an incredible ride for fans all over the world.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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