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The Little Mermaid is being called Disney's best live-action film ever created
Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Little Mermaid is being called Disney's best live-action film ever created

Take that, racist trolls.

The Little Mermaid is being called the ‘best live-action Disney movie’ of all time.

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the Rob Marshall flick ever since it was announced in 2016, and so far, it’s delivering.

The remake of the 1989 classic was released earlier this week, and the positive reviews have been flooding in.

Grace Randolf, host and creator of the YouTube series Beyond the Trailer, shared her glowing review.

The Little Mermaid is Disney's best live-action adaptation, in that it succeeds not just as nostalgia but as an often stunning film in its own right.

“Not PERFECT, but it's got the Disney magic! And should definitely be seen on the big screen.”

Erik Davis, a leading movie commentator, entered the chat, particularly praising Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy and Daveed Diggs’ performances.

“Disney’s The Little Mermaid is definitely one of the better live-action adaptions. Halle Bailey pours incredible emotion into Ariel and I got chills watching her, while Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula and Daveed Diggs’ Sebastian steal scenes all day," he wrote.

Film critic Zoe Rose Bryant also shared a similar sentiment, writing: “I haven’t done a ranking in a LONG time, but The Little Mermaid is also *easily* right up there with CINDERELLA as my favorite of Disney’s live-action remakes - it’s the perfect balance of fresh and familiar, and it makes an oft-told tale feel new again.”

She added: “Everyone was sooooo pressed ab this and attacking Halle for no reason because The Little Mermaid manages to effectively expand/reemphasize Ariel’s interest in ‘the above world’ outside of Eric while also remaining true to its roots as a romance so I think some apologies are owed.”

Shortly after it was announced that Bailey would portray the iconic mermaid, the production attracted widespread criticism as many were outraged that a black actor would play the iconic role.

The controversy even resulted in a social media storm, with the hashtag #NotMyAriel trending.

However, Bailey was quick to hit back at her racist commentators during an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

Photo Image Press/ZUMA Press Wire/Alamy

The singer spoke of how legendary director Rob Marshall wanted to fuse the ‘essence’ of the R&B singer with the beloved Disney princess and how 'special' this was.

Bailey said: "It was a beautiful thing.

"My hair, for example — incorporating my locks into the red hair was something that was really special to me.

“The outfit, the fins, everything.

"It's just amazing.

"I'm just grateful that I've been able to take the essence of me and mix the two."

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