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Viewers Confused After Watching Chris Hemsworth's New Netflix Movie

Viewers Confused After Watching Chris Hemsworth's New Netflix Movie

Spiderhead arrived on Netflix on 11 June

Netflix users have been left baffled after watching Chris Hemsworth's new movie which they'd apparently heard nothing about until it suddenly popped up amid the 'New Releases'.

Last Saturday (11 June), the film Spiderhead arrived on Netflix with a star-studded cast and crew featuring not only Hemsworth, but Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller and director Joseph Kosinski, and Birds of Prey actor Jurnee Smollett.

Netflix pre-empted the release of the film by dropping a trailer on its social media channels last month, and while that worked to catch the attention of some users, somehow it completely passed by others.

If you've still somehow managed to miss it, check out the trailer for Spiderhead below:

With a thumbnail featuring the recognisable stars, Spiderhead quickly shot to the top of Netflix's worldwide charts and remains in the number one spot of Netflix's Top 10 Movies in the UK at the time of writing (19 June).

It has received mixed reviews from viewers, but the one thing many people seem to have in common is their confusion as to why Netflix didn't do more to promote the film ahead of its release.

Addressing the matter on Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Just watched Spiderhead on Netflix, the way they did not promote this film when its their best cast and overall the directing was brilliant is very in character for Netflix."

Another commented: "I just heard about the movie Spiderhead two hours ago and that s*** was fire. How did Netflix not promote it?"

Some expectant Netflix users picked up on the issue even before Spiderhead was released, with director and producer Peter Atencio questioning the advertising campaign - or lack of it - as he wrote: “In seven days a streaming service is releasing a $100m+ movie starring one of the biggest movie stars on earth and directed by a guy with a movie in theatres currently that is the biggest smash hit of the year. Yet I can’t recall seeing a single piece of advertising for it.”

A quick search of Netflix's mentions of Spiderhead, Hemsworth or Teller in the run up to the film's release reveals the company did share a few tweets about the film, including the trailer, clips from the movie and images with the description of it being 'a mind-bending new movie directed by Joseph Kosinski where two convicts, in exchange for reduced sentences, willingly let a brilliant visionary experiment on them with emotion-altering drugs'.

In spite of its efforts, though, it seems Netflix's posts just didn't get enough attention. If you'd like to find out more about Spiderhead yourself, you can stream it on Netflix now.

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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