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Tom Cruise says he watches his own movies on opening weekend

Tom Cruise says he watches his own movies on opening weekend

The Top Gun: Maverick star said he has been recognised by people in the cinema

The next time you're at the cinema to watch a Tom Cruise film during it's opening weekend, make sure to be on the lookout because you may see him there too.

Cruise, 60, was a guest on Friday's (24 February) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he spoke about his blockbuster 2022 sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

The professional daredevil joked about fans having to wait 34 years for the film to arrive in cinemas and the decision to hold back its release until cinemas opened again following the Covid-19 lockdowns.

"The film is made for the screen... we made it for theatrical, me, my friends, the whole crew," he said about the cinema release.

Kimmel asked whether Cruise went to see the film with a ‘paying audience’ and believe or not, he did! And it’s not uncommon for him to do so.

“I love that,” he gushed. “Look, I grew up I always wanted to travel the world so when I started making movies, I was able to go watch movies in other countries so I always go watch films with other audiences and watch their movies with them.

"So, I do. When I make a film I wanna go see it with an audience.”

The Mission Impossible star then said he wants to make films that please audiences.

Top Gun: Maverick is Cruise's first billion-dollar film.

"When they really enjoy it, that's what I want. I make my movies for audiences, for you all. So it's a pleasure. I just want to entertain you," he told the applauding audience.

Naturally, the talk show host quizzed the Hollywood A-lister about whether he goes to cinemas in disguise and if he’s been spotted.

“Yes, sometimes they spot me - when I’m sitting next to them and they’ll kinda look over and I’ll do some photos and sign some autographs.”

What an absolute legend.

The Golden Globe Award winner is also known for his incredible stunts and during the interview he shared that his mother, Mary Lee Pfeiffer, who died in 2017, always encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone.

"You know, she never stopped me from doing anything. It was very encouraging," he recalled.

Cruise told Kimmel he travels the world to watch his own films with paying audiences.

The biggest bombshell came when the Academy Award-nominated star revealed his most dangerous stunt - running with scissors.

"We all done that," he quipped.

Top Gun: Maverick became Cruise's highest-grossing movie worldwide after just 21 days. It surpassed $800 million (£654m) at the global box office, consequently beating his previous record of $791.1m (£647m) for Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and succeeded in becoming the highest-grossing Cruise movie in 23 different worldwide markets.

It has now grossed $1.489 billion worldwide.

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