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Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan went to real life couples therapy to prep for Creed III roles
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Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan went to real life couples therapy to prep for Creed III roles

Tessa Thompson said the pair reflected on their own personal relationships during the in-character therapy session

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson went into full method acting mode to prepare for Creed III.

Both actors returned for the new Creed film as Adonis 'Donnie' Creed and Bianca Taylor and to prepare for their third stint as on-screen lovers, Thompson said they attended couple’s therapy together.

In the new film, which was directed by Jordan himself, Bianca urges Creed to go to therapy.

During a new interview promoting Creed III, Thompson explained therapy is a big topic in the film.

“I think the moral of Creed III is that all people should go to therapy because it’s something that I think really has helped Bianca, for example,” she told Refinery29.

Thompson revealed: “And finally, Mike and I actually went to therapy together. We did couples therapy.

"The line sometimes between character and us get blurred because we bring so much of what we’re exploring personally to the characters in general.

"So funnily, it was the first time… I’m probably saying too much.

"I’ll say it was an early experience in couples therapy for us both [personally]. But it was as these characters, which is very weird.”

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson attended couple's therapy together.
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The Thor star said the experience reminded them both that attending therapy is a good thing for couples to do even if the relationship is ‘good’.

The colleagues also had time to reflect on their own ‘romantic things’ during the therapy sessions despite being in character.

“We were also reflecting on our own relationships,” Thompson explained.

“Since we’ve been making these movies for eight, nine years, we’ve seen each other through various stages in our own romantic things.

"So we know stuff about each other’s lives. We shared and talked about it. So therapy ended up starting at work and getting more personal.”

It seems all the hard work has paid off, with Creed III reeling in rave reviews and is scoring knockouts at the box office.

The sequel earned $100.4 million during its opening weekend, with $58.7 million earned in the US. This set a franchise record, with the film has scoring the best opening for the Creed series and the best opening for a sports movie of all time.

Michael B. Jordan also directed the third film.
Warner Bros. Pictures

The film begins in 2002 where a young Creed and his best friend Damian ‘Diamond Dame’ Anderson (Jonathan Majors) watching an underground match before Damian impulsively attacks a man.

Now retired to focus on his family, Creed reconnects with Damian once he’s released from prison and the latter shares his desires to relaunch his boxing career.

Creed III is in cinemas now.

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