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Terrifier writer and director teases final films to end franchise

Terrifier writer and director teases final films to end franchise

Terrifier 3 isn't even out yet, but already Damien Leone has plans for a fourth film that might complete the series

After the most recent outing last year left audiences terrified and shocked, the director and writer of Terrifier has unveiled his plans for Terrifier 4.

Damien Leone has also revealed that the fourth instalment of the horror series could be the last that gets made, meaning that the world will be safe from terrifying clown murders at last.

Well, until someone decides to make another film about it anyway – people really do love killer clowns.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that there hasn’t actually been a Terrifier 3 just yet, so talk of a fourth might seem a bit premature.

However, the man behind the franchise claims that the third is definitely coming, and unveiled his plans to expand into another film beyond that.

Leone’s slasher series focuses on Art the Clown, an horrific serial killer in weird make-up that stalks the area around Miles County, murdering folks in a variety of gruesome and terrifying ways.

Art the Clown in Terrifier 2.
Bloody Disgusting

It’s a very simple concept, but it is set to spawn four films, so they are definitely doing something right, and horror fans have raved about the movies.

It wasn’t always like that, though.

The first film received pretty mixed reviews from both critics and audiences, meaning the second film was crowdfunded.

That flick was a massive success after that early precarity, receiving critical praise and also raking money in at the box office.

That means that there’s likely to be more on the way, and Leone opened up on his plans in a recent interview with Insider.

He said: “I am writing 'Terrifier 3' as we speak.

“I definitely want to make at least one more.

“There may be two to tell this story and tackle all the ideas that I have in my head.

“Because there's a lot more to explore with Art the Clown, the pale girl, Victoria, and certainly Sienna as our final girl.

“We will be following her journey to the end of this franchise.”

So, is that a spoiler for his own movie?

Not one for people who aren't into clowns, that's for sure.
Bloody Disgusting

Either way, fans of the franchise will be over the moon to hear that there might be two more feature-length outings to go.

Leone’s plans seem to include explaining some of the mystery behind Art the Clown, finding out why he does what he does, and that might take a while and require the film to be split into two parts.

Then, after that, it seems as if he’s ready to quit while he’s ahead and leave the Terrifier world behind for good.

Given the way that lots of horror franchises have gone, it might be good to retain that shock value to the end rather than continue on with diminishing returns.

As ever though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Bloody Disgusting

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