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Disturbing horror movie that's making people pass out is being called the 'most depraved' film of all time

Disturbing horror movie that's making people pass out is being called the 'most depraved' film of all time

The creepy clown slasher film is doing exactly what it says on the tin

A disturbing new horror movie that is apparently making people pass out has been labelled the 'most depraved' film ever.

Spooky season is upon us, which means our appetite for being scared s***less is greater than ever, and lots of viewers have well and truly got their money worth with slasher movie Terrifier 2.

There have been reports of people passing out, puking and otherwise embarrassing themselves in cinemas watching the latest outing of the killer clown.

Check out the trailer here:

The movie follows the story of Art the Clown as he haunts a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night.

On social media, the rave reviews have been flooding in.

One person wrote: "If you miss the good ole days of lean-and-mean horror, Terrifier 2 may just be the tonic you seek. Seriously, this thang is more violent and depraved than anything in recent years I can recall."

Another said: "Terrifier 2 was an amazing gory mess. The guy behind me passed out cold and crashed into my chair, another guy left because he didn’t feel good, I overheard him say, and walking out the theatre door I heard a guy puking hard and loud in the bathroom."

A third added: "Holy s***! #Terrifier2 was fantastic! Definitely not for the weak stomachs! Someone actually fainted during my screening of this movie."

The film has apparently caused a fair bit of retching.

While a fourth said: "Terrifier 2: The first movie in my lifetime where I've read reports of people fainting and vomiting in the theatre, and then after finally seeing it myself thinking, 'yeah, I get that.'"

Of course, if you were reading reviews for a restaurant and everyone who went said they puked and s**t themselves you'd probably give it a miss - but as far as horror reviews go, the above really are glowing endorsements.

David Howard Thornton stars as the vom-inducing killer clown, and in a new interview, he has reflected on the grisly audition that landed him the part.

Thornton understood the assignment.
Bloody Disgusting

"Oddly enough, I just responded to an open audition notice on Actor's Access," he told Screen Rant.

"They needed a tall, skinny guy to play Art [who] had physical comedy experience or clowning experience - 'Oh my God, that sounds perfect for me!'

"I already knew the character because I had seen All Hallows' Eve. I was like, 'Oh my God, I would love to have a chance to do something interesting with this character.' I just went in and auditioned for it, and the rest is history."

But given the nature of the role, this wasn't a regular audition.

He explained: "I had to improvise my whole entire audition on the spot because Art doesn't talk. They wanted me to pantomime killing a victim, decapitating a guy, and being happy about doing it.

"I think that the audition is online somewhere, but the short and sweet version of it [is] I snuck up behind my victim, cartoonishly knocked him out, sawed off his head, picked up the head, and tasted it.

"I didn't like the taste, so I took out some salt and seasoned it. Liked the taste, kind of bathed in the blood a little bit, and skipped on my merry way. And that's what got me the part."

Fair play, that's how you commit to a role.

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