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Sex/Life cancelled by Netflix just days after Sarah Shahi said she would 'never work for Netflix again'

Sex/Life cancelled by Netflix just days after Sarah Shahi said she would 'never work for Netflix again'

She said she 'struggled with the material', and that it was unlikely she would work with Netflix ever again

Sex/Life has been cancelled by Netflix just days after Sarah Shahi said she would 'never work’ for the streaming service again.

Inspired by BB Easton's memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Sex/Life follows mum-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) as she reflects on some of the wildest flings she had before meeting her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel), leaving her thirsty for her former lover Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

The steamy romantic drama first aired on Netflix in 2021, and recently returned for a second – and now apparently final – season.

Earlier this week, Shahi revealed she didn’t 'get the support' that she got in the first season of the show and therefore felt it unlikely she would work with the streaming giant again.

Appearing on the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast, she opened up to host Amanda Hirsch about the realities of filming the second season, saying: “I definitely did not have the support that I did in the first season.”

The actor continued: “It became a much different thing for me, and I’m not afraid to say that.

“I struggled with the material… I mean, I’m never going to work for Netflix again now after saying all this. I just can’t lie.”

Sarah Shahi in Sex/Life.

After making the initial shock admission, Shahi delved further, saying she believed Sex/Life season 2 was 'very gimmicky'.

“Those kinds of things, for me, are always really hard to read and do and stuff like that, but I didn’t have to do them. The boys did... But yeah, it’s a little bit more gimmicky for me.

“I don’t know. Things just felt different for me this year, and I had a hard time because of that.”

Shahi also went on to say that she missed working with her co-star and real-life boyfriend Demos, who plays Billie's ex-beau, Brad.

“I wasn’t able to work with him as much because I really liked our stories. And I liked working with him. And he was a brilliant scene partner," she explained.

It has now been announced that the show has been cancelled by Netflix, with the streamer saying it feels the story has wrapped up naturally.

The show has been cancelled after two seasons.

A spokesperson for Netflix confirmed the news to Deadline yesterday (Friday 7 April), with the outlet saying the representative felt the series had been brought to a ‘natural close’ by ‘wrapping up the storylines for key characters whose relationships come to a happy conclusion’.

The spokesperson also added that the streaming service was proud of the show and the work but into it by producers, cast and crew.

Showrunner Stacy Rukeyser previously said she’s looking to season three and beyond, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “She [Shahi’s character Billie] will be back in that situation again of being a new mom… is there a way to be all parts of yourself at once.

"It’s a whole Sex/Life dilemma that I think is really interesting.”

She also told the outlet earlier in March that the ‘fate’ of a show is often decided at very specific times.

“Netflix has two calls,” she explained.

“One is after 10 days and one is after 28 days. And that’s when your fate is decided.”

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