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Samuel L. Jackson’s has the most unimpressed reaction to losing Best Actor Tony Award

Samuel L. Jackson’s has the most unimpressed reaction to losing Best Actor Tony Award

As Samuel L. Jackson missed out on the Tony Award, many have noticed the look on the actor's face.

There's no questioning that there have been some pretty memorable reactions from actors over the years as they miss out on big awards.

Whether that is Ben Affleck becoming a meme with just his bored expression at the Grammys earlier this year or the heartbreaking reaction Angela Bassett had after missing out in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role to Jamie Lee Curtis at this year's Oscars.

And now, Samuel L. Jackson has surely added himself to the list of actors that do not look best pleased when they hear they have not picked up the award they were nominated for.

At the 76th Annual Tony Awards, the 74-year-old was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play - quite the mouthful, eh.

But in the event held at the United Palace Theater in New York, Jackson was unsuccessful - despite his incredible role in The Piano Lesson, which was his wife LaTanya Richardson's Broadway directorial debut.

The eventful winner of the Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play went to Brandon Uranowitz, who starred in Leopoldstadt.

But while many spotted the jubilance from Uranowitz's face as he picked up the award, others noticed the total look of disappointment on Jackson's face.

Samuel L. Jackson missed out on the Tony Award.
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Not only did they noticed the obvious disappointment on his face, many also pointed out an apparent eye-roll from the legendary actor.

Many Tony Awards viewers took to social media sites such as Twitter to discuss Jackson's reaction.

"Samuel l. jackson’s facial expressions match my thinking," one person on Twitter wrote.

A second added: "Samuel L. Jackson does not have a good non-winner face. I'm sure his eye roll will be a meme."

Meanwhile, a thread remarked: "Samuel L. Jackson looked like Nick Fury after realizing he didn't win his category."

However, others were sympathetic towards Jackson, with some saying he should have actually won the category instead of Uranowitz.

Many have pointed out Jackson's unimpressed reaction.

"Samuel L. Jackson bodied The Piano Lesson," one person wrote.

Another added: "The tony awards are just one big question mark for me tonight."

And a third wrote: "Samuel L. Jackson was robbed. But of course let's give it to... never mind."

A 1987 play by American playwright August Wilson, The Piano Lesson sees "a battle brewing in Charles' household - at the center lies the family’s prized heirloom piano. On one side, a brother plans to build the family fortune by selling it.

"On the other, a sister will go to any length to keep it and preserve the family history. Only their uncle stands in between. But even he can’t hold back the ghosts of the past."

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