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Kirsten Dunst is being praised for her response to being asked if she'd do another superhero movie

Kirsten Dunst is being praised for her response to being asked if she'd do another superhero movie

The actor is best known for playing the original MJ in the Spider-Man franchise, but would she branch out to another superhero movie?

People are flooding to social media after Kirsten Dunst revealed whether or not she'd be up for another superhero movie.

Dunst starred as Mary Jane Watson (MJ) in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and if there's a Spider-Man 4? The actor's already said she'd be up for returning upon certain conditions being met.

However, would she ever dip her toe into another superhero movie? Well, the 41-year-old actor's answer to that question is nothing short of 'amazing'.

Dunst first hit screens in Sony's Spider-Man universe back in 2002, starring opposite the OG Peter Parker, Tobey Maguire.

Directed by Sam Raimi, the film saw Dunst take on the role of Parker's best friend and later love interest.

Since then, she's gone on to star in movies such as The Power of the Dog and A24's upcoming release Civil War, but would she say yes to another superhero film?

Kirsten Dunst starred in the original Spider-Man movies.
Sony Pictures Releasing

In an interview with Marie Claire, the actor said after not working for the past two years, she'd love to film a TV show in Los Angeles.

She admitted it's been 'hard' for her not working for a couple of years.

"Because I need to feed myself. The hardest thing is being a mom and... not feeling like, I have nothing for myself. That's every mother - not just me," the star noted.

But if she got offered to work on the superhero genre again instead, would she?

Well, Dunst said: "Yes, because you get paid a lot of money, and I have two children, and I support my mother."

And her honesty has received an influx of praise online.

The actor has revealed whether she'd be up for another 'superhero movie'.
Getty Images/ Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Taking to X to commend the actor's refreshing honesty, one user said: "That's an amazing answer."

"Fair enough. Keeping it real. Respect," another added.

A third commented: "Kirsten Dunst keeps it real about the superhero hustle."

While a fourth wrote: "This is the most honest answer this question has ever gotten and I respect the hell out of it."

And a final resolved: "This answer was so real, that’s why Kirsten will always be my MJ. Foreverrrr and a day."

But will Dunst return in a superhero movie in the form of MJ in a Spider-Man 4?

Another Spider-Man with Dunst as MJ? How about it Sony?
Sony Pictures Releasing

Well, there was originally meant to be a Spider-Man 4 starring Maguire and Dunst with Raimi returning to direct, however it was canceled by Sony in 2010 and the franchise was rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man instead.

Dunst has previously said she'd love to return if Maguire and Raimi did too. So, how about it Sony?

Or an X user suggests instead: "Madam Web 2 Starring Kirsten Dunst."

So, what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Daniele Venturelli / Contributor/Sony

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