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Iconic scene from Spider-Man took Tobey Maguire 156 takes and used no CGI
Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Iconic scene from Spider-Man took Tobey Maguire 156 takes and used no CGI

The scene has gone on to be one of the most notorious of the franchise.

The famous scene from the 2002 movie Spider-Man took actor Tobey Maguire over 150 takes to perfect.

If you had told fans that this scene was nothing but CGI, we all would have believed it happily because the idea of it being real is crazy to think about.

Well, it turns out that the iconic scene from the much loved Spider-Man is not only real, but took Tobey Maguire a whopping 156 takes to nail.

The classic film has so many great scenes, so which one could we possibly be talking about?

The clip went on to make film history.
Sony Pictures

The canteen scene, of course. The scene has left plenty of people wondering whether it was camera trickery, but it turns out the California-born actor is really just that good.

Okay, he didn't get it right on the first try, but, you've got to admit, that's still pretty impressive.

Incase you don't remember the scene, Peter is sat at a table in the canteen and he accidentally shoots a web, which sticks to a nearby tray adorned in food. Pulling his hand back in shock, Parker then accidentally causes the tray to boomerang towards him, splatting onto the head of a student sat directly behind.

Having recently just discovered his powers, who better to show them off in front of then his school crush Mary Jane. Plus, it's the least he can do as she slips on orange juice and sends her lunch flying. He had no choice but to catch it in the coolest way possible.

Take a trip down memory lane and watch the iconic scene here:

Kirsten Dunst, who starred as Mary Jane in the original film, and special effects artist and head of the VFX team, John Dykstra have since opened up about just how tricky (or should we say, er, sticky?) the scene was to film - whilst also confirming Maguire's undeniable skill.

On the DVD commentary of the film, Dykstra shares how Maguire 'actually [...] catches all this stuff.'

Dunst confirmed: "Not CGI by the way, that's all Tobey, which is pretty impressive. They used sticky glue stuff to stick his hand to the tray."

The iconic shot took over 150 takes.
Sony Pictures

Unsurprisingly, the mega 156 takes also took a lot of time to film, resulting in a lengthy 16-hour day of filming, despite Sony having not originally been that fussed about including the scene, as per Cinema Blend.

However, it's a good thing that the moment made the cut as it's gone on to become one of the most famous clips of the entire franchise, with fans regularly recreating the sound effects from the scene.

One of which is Josh Harmon, who shared his rendition on Instagram, leaving users in awe of his use of the drums and a series of household items to replicate the succinct and unique sounds of the scene.

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