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'Zombie Kid' recreates iconic viral video 16 years later for new Ninja Turtles film

'Zombie Kid' recreates iconic viral video 16 years later for new Ninja Turtles film

Remember the kid who said 'I like turtles'? He's back.

The 'zombie kid' from the 'I like turtles' meme has resurfaced in a new video, and he's got that iconic face paint back on.

Cast your minds back to the good old days of the internet and remember that a short video of a little kid in zombie face paint was asked to give his opinion on a waterpark and simply said: "I like turtles."

Ever since then, he's been a meme and the video is one of those things on the internet that feels like pretty much everyone has seen.

That includes the marketing department for the upcoming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, who decided to ask the 'I like turtles' kid (real name Jonathan) what he thought of the film.

His review was brief but comprehensive, as he simply said: "I like turtles."

When the world needed him most, he returned.
YouTube/Paramount Pictures

People were pretty darn impressed that they'd managed to track him down and thought he was 'even more of a legend for agreeing to this'.

Others said they had 'mad respect' for Jonathan coming back and owning his status as a meme.

Yep, this is all part of a promo for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which Seth Rogen says is 'deeply personal' to him because he loved the franchise so much as a kid.

The movie drops into cinemas next month and Rogen is producing the movie, which holds a lot of sentimental weight for him because - like a lot of kids - he was all about the ninja turtles.

He said: "It’s a teenage movie, we’re putting a lot of our own feelings - of awkwardness and insecurity and a desire to belong and be accepted and all that - into the movie."

If you were wondering what the 'I like turtles' kid was up to these days, now you know.

Quite a few of the people from famous memes have cropped up over the years once their identities have been revealed.

The woman behind the 'confused maths' meme recently came out as bisexual, that kid from the meme where his eyes are popping out as he looks round became a college football player, and rather bizarrely, 'Hide The Pain Harold' met Jordan Peterson, with his iconic look of pain and regret writ across his face.

In sadder news, the internet heard last year that the dog from the 'Doge' memes was very unwell, while we all mourned the passing of the farmer from the 'It ain't much but it's honest work' meme.

This is the power of memes, one little snapshot from their life can catapult them to an incredibly strange kind of fame and become what they were known for.

You never know, some of you reading this could end up becoming memes yourselves for all sorts of incredibly strange things.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/CaptJax458 / Paramount Pictures

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