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People discover Arrested Development predicted news station accidentally showing testicles live on air

People discover Arrested Development predicted news station accidentally showing testicles live on air

The embarrassing blunder once happened on Arrested Development

They say that life often imitates art - and people on social media believe that to be the case after Arrested Development seemed to predict a news channel accidentally showing someone's testicles live on air.

Viewers in Mexico were left in disbelief at what they saw when they tuned into solar eclipse coverage.

Like many other news outlets, RCG media had been broadcasting coverage of this week's solar eclipse on Monday (8 April).

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun's rays from reaching us and casting an incredible shadow.

So, as expected, RCG was ready to cover the solar eclipse; however, they received another kind of eclipse.

You can watch it here:

The station had reportedly asked its viewers to submit their own footage of the spectacle, but they embarrassingly broadcasted a video of a pair of someone's testicles in the midst of its coverage.

Horrified producers were quick to cut away from the explicit clip, but with the internet being the internet, the video quickly went viral.

The video in question focused on a bright light before the balls dipped into frame, obscuring it.

And as you'd probably expect, the presenters were left visibly shocked by the on air blunder.

People took to social media to share their thoughts on the now infamous moment.

The hosts certainly had to think fast. (RCG Media)
The hosts certainly had to think fast. (RCG Media)

"Solar eclipse vs testicles, come on, it's a simple mistake. It can happen to anybody," one person wrote.

Another highlighted: "Having worked in media my entire life - I can only imagine how much screaming there was in the locker room."

"This is the most elaborate 'DEEZ NUTS' joke I've ever seen," a second joked.

Well, on X, one person pointed out that this exact unfortunate situation was actually a storyline on Arrested Development.

Quote tweeting a piece on the on air incident, Fiona Small wrote: "This was a storyline on Arrested Development."

And as is the case in real life, the TV crew are sent a photo of a viewer's testicles.

"The delivery here from @hwinkler4real makes this an all time line. I say this all the time during any sporting event. Baseball? Those are bawls. Tennis? Those are bawls," one Twitter user commented.

"It's Winkler's delivery of the word that makes this scene so funny and such a classic!" a second added.

If anymore predictions come out of Arrested Development, then they might give The Simpsons a run for their money.

UNILAD has previously reached out to RCG Media for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/RCG Media

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