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Almost 30-year-old Simpsons gag has come to life after yet another wild accurate prediction
Featured Image Credit: Fox

Almost 30-year-old Simpsons gag has come to life after yet another wild accurate prediction

They predicted an unlikely music collaboration nearly three decades ago

The Simpsons have a habit of being able to predict the future with some of their cheeky comedy gags, and it seems they've managed it again.

In the past, notable jokes on The Simpsons have included Lady Gaga's flying entrance into the Super Bowl, the US battling murder hornets, a disease eerily similar to Covid-19 and Donald Trump's former presidency. In fact the creation of Matt Groening and crew have been able to foresee some of the world's events in recent years, no matter how bizarre.

This time the yellow cartoon has been able to predict one of the most unlikely music collaborations the world has ever seen.

Watch the clip here:

During 'Homerpalooza', Cypress Hill are seen collaborating with the London Symphony Orchestra backstage at a music festival.

In a clip from the show, which first aired in 1996, a roadie at a music festival is seen calling out for one of the performers to own up to who has ordered an orchestra to arrive. He yells, "Hello bands, who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra? Come on people somebody ordered a London Symphony Orchestra...possibly while high," he then jokes: "Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction."

Cypress Hill featured in the 'Homerpalooza' episode, which first aired in 1996.

The musicians then have a quick chat among themselves before admitting they 'think' they might have roped in the orchestra, before turning to them to ask whether they know their hit track, 'Insane in the Brain'.

The unlikely combination decide to 'give it a shot' and then belt out an incredible version of the song together.

Now nearly three decades later, the bizarre prediction has come true - as Cypress Hill announced they will be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall later this year.

The band said: "We are thrilled to be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in such a prestigious venue as the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a dream come true, a collaboration only The Simpsons could have predicted."

Now almost thirty years later the prediction is coming true.

The orchestra's managing director Kathryn McDowell DBE thanked The Simpsons as she said: "After years of social media teasing it, many fans have started to believe it would only be a pipe dream – but the LSO is delighted to finally be joining Cypress Hill on stage and in person, and look forward to creating an unforgettable musical movement!

"Many thanks to the creators of The Simpsons for the idea and to AEG Artistic and PolyArts for making it all happen."

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