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Netflix viewers are obsessed with 'underrated' movie called the 'most unnerving AI film'

Netflix viewers are obsessed with 'underrated' movie called the 'most unnerving AI film'

Netflix users are flocking online after the streaming service released an 'underrated' movie about AI featuring a 'wow'-worthy plot twist

Netflix users are flooding to social media in horror over a movie about artificial intelligence.

It may not reduce you to tears like another action movie available on the streaming service starring Bruce Willis and described as a 'masterpiece', but this dark-humored AI, action film is sure to get your skin-prickling.

Cast, crew and synopsis

The film was written and directed by Leigh Whannell - best known for one of the best horrors to exist The Invisible Man (2020) and other hits such as SAW and Insidious - and produced by Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions - known for Get Out, Paranormal Activity and M3GAN.

It stars the likes of Logan Marshall-Green (Intrusion), Betty Gabriel (Get Out) and Harrison Gilbertson (The Tall Grass).

The cyberpunk action film centers itself around auto mechanic Grey Trace (Marshall-Green) who ends up getting implanted with a chip, which allows him to control his body after being left paralyzed. But, will the chip do more than just give him back authority over his body? And is Grey still really in control?

The movie - titled Upgrade - first came out in 2018, premiering on 10 March at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, however, since its release onto Netflix earlier this month, viewers have been flooding to social media to give their reviews.

The film was first released in 2018 (OTL Releasing)
The film was first released in 2018 (OTL Releasing)


Upon its initial release, the film made an applaudable $16.5 million globally at the box office, as per Box Office Mojo, costing around $5 million to make, as per IMDB, and it received positive reviews from critics at the time too.

And at the time of writing, Upgrade has achieved an impressive Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 88 percent and a matching solid - and officially 'fresh' - tomatometer score of 88 percent too.

The film has even been described by ScreenRant as 'the most unnerving AI movie of the past 10 years'.

And the praise has spilled out onto social media too.

One X user said: "For my cyberpunk lovers out there. Go watch Upgrade on Netflix. I can't believe I never heard of this film till yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic. (Trailer doesn't do it justice)."

"It is a fantastic film, beautifully shot, acted, and paced. Plus that twist is just wow!" Another added.

A third commented: "Name an underrated sci-fi movie? Not enough people talk about Upgrade (2018) for my liking."

"Banger movie. Showed this to a buddy recently and he was over the moon about it. So inventive and stylishly shot," a fourth wrote.

And a final resolved: "The ending to this movie tho!"

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