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Netflix viewers praise 'masterpiece' action movie as 10/10 after it left them in tears
Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Netflix viewers praise 'masterpiece' action movie as 10/10 after it left them in tears

The 2003 movie starring Bruce Willis was praised by Netflix viewers, calling it a 'masterpiece' action movie

Netflix viewers have praised an action film as a 'masterpiece' after it re-emerged online.

The movie stars Bruce Willis and was touted by fans as his 'best movie' on Facebook group Netflix Bangers.

In fairness, Bruce Willis has had some incredible action films over his long and illustrious career.

Armageddon saw him joining a ragtag team to save the world from an impending meteorite in a heart-wrenching sacrifice.

And, of course, who can forget Die Hard, the often-parodied but never quite equalled Christmas action thriller, in which he faces off against the villainous Hans Gruber.

Bruce Willis stars in the film.
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

But it's a lesser-known film from Willis' filmography which has been touted as one of his best, and it takes a slightly different approach.

This film steps back and tries to take a look at broader international topics.

But which one of Bruce Willis' movies is it?

Well, it's 2003's Tears of the Sun.

The film takes place in Nigeria, with Willis playing a commander in the US Navy as a political crisis unfolds in the country.

Willis must lead his companions in an attempt to protect the safety of civilians who have become caught up in the conflict.

It proved to be a hit with audiences, and fans took to the comments to share their enjoyment of the film.

One said: "The extended version is the ONLY version to watch."

A second commented: "Best movie he ever made besides Armageddon, and I wouldn't choose."

Meanwhile, someone else even said it had made them tear up, writing: "I love this Movie... Yooh... I cried the 1st time i watched it."

A fourth posted: "A true movie lover can never miss this masterpiece."

People called the film one of Willis' best.
George Pimentel/WireImage

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But despite being a hit with fans, the movie was less well-received by film critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes it holds a critics score of 34 percent, while its audience score is much higher at 69 percent.

Much of the criticism of the film was focussed on its attempts to try and grapple with bigger topics, but while also ultimately being an action movie.

It was the tension between these two conflicting elements, which turned off many critics to the movie, as they felt it didn't match up to the high themes.

Newsweek critic David Ansen wrote: "The movie's noble aspirations are clear--Bosnia and Rwanda were obviously on the filmmakers' minds--yet it's hopelessly steeped in stale Hollywood action conventions."

Tears of the Sun is available to stream on Netflix, and on Amazon for Prime customers.

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