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People all pointing out the same thing after watching new Netflix sci-fi drama
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

People all pointing out the same thing after watching new Netflix sci-fi drama

The new sci-fi drama on Netflix has certainly got people talking, and they're all saying the same thing about it

A new sci fi drama has got viewers of Netflix talking, and they're all saying the same thing.

The limited series was released onto the popular streaming platform, with just four episodes, which are each approximately one hour long.

Limited series have proven to be a popular and successful format for Netflix, with many big name shows falling into the category.

They are a good way to tell a self-contained story within a few hours of television, a marked departure from shows which can go on for multiple, sprawling seasons.

Titles such The Queen's Gambit, Alias Grace, and Unbelievable all fall into this, and have now been joined by this sci fi miniseries.

But after watching the four episode limited series, viewers of it are all saying the same thing.

So what is this science fiction series, and what is everyone saying about it?

The series is called The Signal, and is a four-part story following an astronaut in space and a family on the ground.

Fair warning, there are some pretty heavy spoilers for The Signal coming up below - you have been warned!

The German series stars Florian David Fitz, Peri Baumeister, Hadi Khanjanpour, and Yuna Bennett, who must unravel a mystery which shows increasing danger to both them and to the world at large.

Things start off when an astronaut goes missing from the International Space Station under mysterious circumstances.

The series has had some negative comments online, though one person put the low reviews down to it needing subtitles.

A family must unravel a mystery.

They wrote: "Just watched all 4 hrs of Netflix’s limited series 'The Signal.' A modern presentation of classic TV sci-fi. Very much in the style of Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles.

"Don’t let bad reviews fool you. This is a German production, subtitles are needed, hence the low scores."

The Signal doesn't have a critics' rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and its audience score is currently at 40 percent.

And viewers of the show are all saying the same thing about it after finishing the four episodes.

Once again, spoiler alert.

It seems that viewers have been left confused by the ending.

One person wrote: "It was good till you reach the end and think is that it what a waste."

A second echoed that sentiment, posting: "Spoiler: People died for nothing", while another wrote: "Boring. The people in the plane died for nothing."

A fourth person also criticised the ending, writing: "It was good but the ending sucked a little."

Will you be giving it a watch?

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