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Netflix fans are binge watching new hit crime series and say it’s the 'best thing on TV right now'
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix fans are binge watching new hit crime series and say it’s the 'best thing on TV right now'

Netflix viewers have been sent into a frenzy after watching

Crime drama fans have found a new series to binge and they simple can’t get enough.

The show has seemed to have taken the streaming world by storm following its release earlier this week.

Just like any good series on the streaming giant, it is super satisfying to be able to binge watch it one go, and that it was a lot of fans have been doing.

Starring Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, who turns in a terrifyingly brilliant performance, the story follows the life of real life drug kingpin.

The show has taken the streaming world by storm.

Set in the late 70s and 80s of Miami, viewers are treated to the rise of the cocaine empire in the city and the woman behind it.

Speaking on social media, viewers have called on anyone else who has a screen to jump on and give it a watch.

“If you have NOT seen Griselda on Netflix what are you doing,” one user wrote.

“Watching Griselda and damn this is such a good series,” another wrote.

"I started Griselda last night and I have to sleep down because I don’t want to finish too quick," another user commented.

Griselda might be the best thing on Netflix right now',” commented another.

"Sofia did her thang playing Griselda. I mean great acting. I love Sofia but I feel like this role really showed how much she can act," a fifth person commented.

Certainly high praise.

Speaking to UNILAD, director Andrés Baiz and creator Eric Newman also commended Vergara for her spellbinding performance and said it was 'nothing like you have ever seen’.

They also insisted the show is rather intimate with the character of Griselda Blanco and her troubling rise to power in the drug cartel world.

Speaking to UNILAD director Andrés Baiz and creator Eric Newman commended Vergara for her spellbinding performance.

“[Fans can expect a level of] intimacy. We are in a story where we are very closely [looking at] an intimate drama,” Newman said.

“I think Breaking Bad did a great job of establishing the sort of sympathy for Walter White but I think a woman with nothing, fleeing an abusive relationship, at the least, with three children and no means to protect them... I don’t think in anything I’ve ever done, I’ve quite started in a place like that.

“With that kind of sympathy from the audience, add to the fact that it is one of the most beloved comedic actresses of the last 25 years.

“We start in a place we have never started before with Narcos. It allows us to go to the dark places that the show goes over the six episodes.”

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