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Shock twist in 'heartbreaking’ new Netflix show is 'ruining' viewers' lives
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Shock twist in 'heartbreaking’ new Netflix show is 'ruining' viewers' lives

People have been left devastated after watching the show

This article contains spoilers

People have been left heartbroken after a shock twist at the end of one of Netflix's latest series.

Sometimes, a TV show hits you so hard that you become seriously emotionally invested in the characters, the plot, and the story that ensues.

And if the ending isn't exactly what you thought it would be, it can be hard to come to terms with it.

Although it is *just* a TV show, it gets you right in the feels.

It's exactly what's happened with Netflix's most recent series, which dropped on the streaming platform on 8 February.

Now, if you've already watched the film, or read the book by David Nicholls, you'll have likely either geared yourself up for a total sobfest or you may have even stopped watching before the end.

Some viewers, however, who had never watched One Day - or read the book - were totally unaware of the emotional turmoil they were about to endure.

In fact, some have been left so heartbroken by the shock twist at the end of episode 13, that they're claiming Netflix has 'ruined' their lives.

Dramatic, but we get it.

One Day arrived on Netflix earlier this month.

If you're yet to watch, One Day is a romantic drama following the lives of two people as they navigate the world after their university graduation.

Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod play the lead roles of Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, who meet at the University of Edinburgh in 1988.

The pair almost end up sleeping together on their graduation, but nothing actually develops between them romantically.

Instead, they become best mates - although there's always *something* between them.

Over a period of almost 20 years, the pair go through a series of highs and lows - both with each other and in other relationships - and although they try to convince others (and themselves) that they're just mates, it soon becomes clear that they're way more than that.

Finally after years, Emma and Dexter end up together. And if you don't want to sob your heart out, that's where you should stop watching.

People have been left in shock by the show.

*Spoilers ahead*

If you're familiar with One Day, you'll know that once Emma and Dexter are married, they then start trying for a baby.

Although struggling to conceive, things are generally going well - Dexter has opened a Parisian café - and Emma is successful as ever.

But tragically, at the end of episode 13 (which is the penultimate episode), Emma is involved in a road traffic accident, and dies.

It's utterly heartbreaking, and the final episode follows Dexter as he navigates life without Emma, and the gaping hole that's been left behind.

Viewers were left begging for an alternative ending, while others said the twist had ruined them.

One wrote: “End of episode 13 of One Day on Netflix you ruined my life.”

While another said: “One Day has to be one of the best, most unsuspecting emotional series I’ve seen on Netflix. The ending just left me devastated.”

A third added: "Randomly going about my day and then boom hit in the feels again. Ugh this show has ruined me. In the best way."

Ready to be heartbroken? You can watch One Day on Netflix now.

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