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Netflix viewers praising thrilling action series that completely flew under the radar for a lot of people
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers praising thrilling action series that completely flew under the radar for a lot of people

The series went unnoticed by many

Viewers on Netflix have been heaping praise on a series which has appeared to have gone unnoticed by many.

With so many different programmes available to watch, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with choice.

Occasionally you might stumble upon something brilliant - whether that be a show that is '10/10' or a series that is 'mind-bendingly' good.

And that's exactly what happened with this action series on Netflix.

It's called Justice Served, and if that name doesn't ring any bells it's probably because it has seemingly flown under the radar for a lot of subscribers to the streaming platform.

However, those who have seen it are keen to sing its praises.

But what exactly is Justice Served about?

Justice Served has been widely praised by viewers.

It stars Hlomla Dandala, Pallance Dladla, and Alex McGregor, and is set in South Africa.

The story starts when a white police officer shoots a black in the back as he running away.

When a trial of the police officer begins, the courtroom is taken by a group of activists seeking justice.

The resulting hostage situation goes on to be viewed on screens nationwide.

The series has gone so far under the radar that it doesn't even have any ratings on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

However, on IMDb it has a solid rating of 5.2 out of 10 stars.

According to IMDB, 23.2 percent of reviewers gave the series 10/10, while 19 percent gave it just one star.

Meanwhile, 23.6 percent of reviewers gave it between two and five stars, while 34 percent gave it between six and nine stars.

The story sees a group of freedom fighters taking control of a courtroom.

Taking to the Netflix Bangers Facebook group, one person observed how the series was going unnoticed, writing: "People are sleeping on this tv series."

Another praised everyone who was involved in the project, posting: "I just came here to say kudos to the team that made this series. I finished the entire series and absolutely love it.

"The storyline, the plot, the philosophical theme, cinematography, all on point. Go South Africa!!!"

And one viewer only happened upon Justice Served entirely by chance and was left gobsmacked after seeing it, commenting: "This was so good, I just randomly chose it and binged the whole 6 episodes I'm hoping it continues but it probably won't."

And many others have called for a second season.

One wrote: "We need S2," along with crying-face emojis.

Another fan added: "Waiting [for] S2."

While someone else penned on X: "This truly deserves a season two. The production was top tier and I hope they strongly consider a second season."

Justice Served is available to stream on Netflix now.

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