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Viewers are calling for second season after watching intense ‘top tier’ Netflix thriller
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Viewers are calling for second season after watching intense ‘top tier’ Netflix thriller

The first season was released two years ago but some Netflix users have only just stumbled across the '10/10' thriller.

Netflix users are flocking to social media to call on the streaming service to consider a second season of a 'top tier' thriller.

If you've already made it through a 'gripping' Netflix thriller which some viewers have been getting through in just one night as well as the revenge thriller which isn't your 'typical US drama,' then fear not, because the platform isn't in danger of running out of captivating content anytime soon.

Prepare to immediately add the show to your 'To Watch' list:

Plot and cast

Created by Tshepo Ty Skosana - founder of independent South African production company Meraki Studios - the series is set in South Africa and season one sees a white police officer go on trial for shooting a Black man and a group of Numoor freedom fighters interrupt the court proceedings, leading to a tense hostage situation.

The series stars host of reality show All You Need Is Love, Hlomla Dandala, who plays the leader of the Numoor alongside Home Affairs' Lerato Mvelase, who plays the Brigadier of the South African Police.

Dis ek, Anna's Morné Visser, Nothing But The Truth's Motshabi Tyelele and Vagrant Queen's Alex McGregor also star in the thriller.

The first season of the series was released onto Netflix on July 29, 2022, however, some users are only just stumbling across it and have flocked to social media to weigh in.

Season one first came out in July 2022.


The series - titled Justice Served - was shared to LADbible Facebook group 'Netflix Bangers' on March 29. And many viewers had nothing but good things to say.

The user wrote: "This was a good series."

While someone else described it as 'the best'.

"It's so good wow," another added.

A third commented: "We need S2."

And the reaction has spilled onto X too.

Viewers are calling for a second season.

One X user said: "This truly deserves a season two. The production was top tier and I hope they strongly consider a second season."

"Just watched justice served on Netflix, what a movie, what acting, what beautiful story telling #JusticeServedNetflix," a second wrote.

Another added: "Justice Served it's arguably the best series out of South Africa. I enjoyed."

A fourth said: "A production I have never seen before. 10/10 recommend. Kept me hooked. Ayeyye Mzansi"

And if you've already watched Justice Served? Well, then you probably haven't binged your way through the whole of Netflix's top 10 films of 2023.

UNILAD has contacted Netflix for comment.

Justice Served is available to watch on Netflix now.

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