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Netflix viewers praise ‘gripping’ new thriller series and say they ‘finished it in one night’
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers praise ‘gripping’ new thriller series and say they ‘finished it in one night’

The series quickly hooked viewers after arriving on Netflix

A 'fantastic' new thriller on Netflix has gripped viewers so much that they're finishing the whole thing in one night.

And with eight episodes at almost one hour each, that's one impressive bingeing session.

The thriller arrived on Netflix earlier this month, and already has an incredible score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as an impressive 91 percent Audience Score.

It tells the story of a college student who lands himself in trouble when he murders a stranger, but it soon comes to light that his victim might not have been as innocent as he first thought.

The man whose life met its untimely end was actually a serial killer, but while the student might have done the world a favor by getting him off the streets, he's still forced to try and evade suspicion over what happened.

Unfortunately for him, a homicide detective is on to him, and is determined to find out the truth.

A Killer Paradox stars Choi Woo-shik.

The Korean crime series stars SAG Award winner Choi Woo-shik as well as Son Suk-ku and Lee Hee-jun, and viewers can't get enough.

Discussing the series on LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook Group, viewers described it as 'gripping', 'fantastic' and 'very good'.

"Finished in one night," wrote on impressed viewer.

The praise only continues over on X, where one viewer wrote: "a killer paradox on netflix, 10/10."

"Everybody watch 'a killer paradox' on Netflix," wrote another fan.

At a press conference, Choi described his character, Lee Tang, as 'someone who internally justifies his killings because it’s aimed at people who are evil', however, he added: "I think that killing cannot be justified at all."

“If I had the power to identify evil people like Tang does, I wouldn’t go killing them, but I would certainly report them to the police," he said.

Viewers have highly praised the Netflix series.

“I think to live the way Tang does in the story would be a very unfortunate curse,” Choi said. “I wouldn’t know what to do with such an ability if I was faced with it.”

Keen to fully commit to the character, Choi gained weight to become the heaviest he'd ever been.

Unfortunately, he admitted his efforts 'backfired', explaining: "When I put on weight, it shows in my face first.

"After a while I stressed too much about bulking up, so the director and I decided not to put too much focus on the physical side of Tang’s transformation.”

While his physical goals might not have worked out as he'd hoped, Choi clearly still puts on a captivating performance.

Stream A Killer Paradox on Netflix now.

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