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People are saying Netflix's best ever series is underrated show that doesn't get love it deserves

People are saying Netflix's best ever series is underrated show that doesn't get love it deserves

A Netflix thriller has people 'hooked' after having been overlooked by some users when first released in 2017

Netflix users are flooding to the streaming service to praise a thriller as being 'one of the best we have seen from this genre'.

If you've rewatched the psychological mini-series which had viewers 'glued' to their screens then fear not because Netflix, one again, has you covered with a gem of a series praised as one of the streaming service's 'best ever', which you likely missed when it first came out in 2017.

Prepare to try and cram in an episode on your lunch break:

Cast, crew and synopsis

Directed Baran bo Odar, the German sci-fi thriller was the first ever German-speaking original developed by Netflix.

It stars the likes of Louis Hofmann (Masters of the Air), Lisa Vicari (Django) and Gina Stiebitz (The Darker the Lake).

Season one focuses on the events which unravel when two children go missing in a small German town. The town's 'sinful past is exposed' alongside the secrets within the four families of the missing children.

And channeling a similar vibe to Stranger Things, the story is laced with elements of the supernatural too - what's not to love?

And despite being released seven years ago - yes, 2017 was a whopping seven years ago - some people are only stumbling across the series - titled Dark - for the first time.

Season 1 of Dark dropped in 2017.


At the time of writing, Dark has an impressive audience score of 94 percent and tomatometer score of 95 percent and support for the series has spilled onto social media too.

One social media user said: "Dark is, simply put, a must-watch! The third season features a satisfying conclusion that could be considered one of the best we have seen from this genre."

Another said on Facebook: "I loved this show! You have to concentrate on it. If you play with your phone or walk away for a bit you will miss something and won't know what's going on.

"It's mind bending! I was totally hooked!"

Viewers say they were 'hooked' on Dark.

"Most brilliant show ever," said someone else on the same thread, while another hailed it as an 'underrated masterpiece'.

A fourth went on: "Honest review is the show is 100 out of 100."

Dark even made it onto LADbible Facebook Group Netflix Bangers, one user stating: "This series was mind blowing. the ending was magnificent and heart wrenching."

"I want a series with an unexpected ending that makes me feel stupid... and I found one.." another added.

And a third resolved: "Definitely the best series ever."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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