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Netflix viewers are saying space thriller is the best series they've ever watched

Netflix viewers are saying space thriller is the best series they've ever watched

"One of the best shows I've seen."

A Netflix space thriller has sent people spinning to social media, reviewing it as 'one of the best shows' they've ever seen.

Look, I get it, it may still be three days until Christmas, but most of us are already over the hype before the big day has even arrived - it's hard to keep up the excitement for 25 days once you reach over the age of 15. And don't even get me started on the people who put up their tree in November.

So, if you feel like escaping the festivities taking place all across the planet, how about a trip to outer space? Netflix has answered all your Christmas wishes:

The TV series - which first came out in 2018 - is a reimagining of a series from 1965 of the same name.

The original series was inspired by Johann David Wyss's 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson and Del Connell and Dan Spiegle's 1962 comic Space Family Robinson.

The first season's official synopsis as per Netflix reads: "The Robinson family is stranded on an unknown planet, and their little survival pod grows to include a woman calling herself Dr. Smith and mechanic Don West.

"They reunite with other people who escaped Resolute, but all are stuck because their ships have been depleted of fuel."

And there's not just one, but three seasons to keep you going into the new year if you've already finished - or gotten sick of - all the festive favorities.

Oh, and did I mention it has a solid 74 percent audience score and 68 percent tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes too? As well as having received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Special Visual Effects - no biggie.

Prepare to leave the stress of Christmas behind.

The series has been sending Netflix viewers orbiting onto social media in awe.

Titled Lost in Space, it's even made it to LADbible's Facebook group 'Netflix Bangers' with fans of the show flooding to the post to weigh in.

One Facebook user said: "One of the best shows I've seen and the ending is perfect."

"Fantastic series. The best SCFI series on Netflix," another commented.

A third wrote: "Outstanding series. Really did justice to the original and they finished it without dragging it out. Left you wanting more, but also feeling satisfied."

"Fantastic series with great production and casting. Highly recommended," a fourth added.

And a final resolved: "One of the best... underrated."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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