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Netflix viewers are raving about the ‘greatest plot twist in the history of cinema’ after rediscovering ‘iconic’ movie
Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

Netflix viewers are raving about the ‘greatest plot twist in the history of cinema’ after rediscovering ‘iconic’ movie

The 2011 movie has been praised as 'perfection' by film fans

A lot of films and TV shows can be called 'iconic', but one film which turns 13 this year has been hailed as having 'the greatest plot twist ever'.

Despite being over a decade old, this film starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Steve Carrell has become a rom-com classic that some Netflix viewers can't help but come back to again and again—especially its ending.

If you still need to see this 2011 movie - which would be very surprising - be warned; spoilers ahead.

The film stars Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling.
Warner Bros

The romantic comedy movie Crazy, Stupid, Love - which is still available to watch on Netflix - features Gosling as a pick up artist who meets Stone's character in a bar and, after a one night stand, the couple begin a relationship.

Yet alongside this, Carrell and Gosling independently form a friendship as Carrell faces divorce from his wife, played by Julianne Moore, and Gosling agrees to coach him through it.

Yet in one of the best comic takes this century, Gosling doesn't know that his new squeeze Emma's father is, in fact, Steve Carrell.

Add to this family drama the fact that neighbour Sarah Hyland is 'in love' with Carrell, Kevin Bacon is the man who Carrell's wife is having an affair with, a fight, and then a wholesome family BBQ for everything to come out, and you've got one of the funniest and biggest plot twists rom-com history has ever seen—and film fans can't get enough.

Watch the scene here:

Sharing the clip from the scene on X, one fan wrote: "We don’t see as many rom-coms these days bc they’re afraid they’ll never top this scene."

And everyone was in agreement, with someone else writing: "This is kinda the greatest plot twist in the history of cinema when you think about it."

"This whole scene is just perfection," said another.

When someone else mentioned Gosling's laugh at the police officer's quote of 'keep it in the family', the OP replied with: "ICONIC."

A fourth revealed the scene got a huge reaction when the movie was in theatres in 2011, saying: "The theatre was going nuts during this scene.. it was such a plot twist."

"Whenever I come across this scene, I will leave whatever I am doing and watch it. absolute GOAT plot twist. love it," tweeted someone else.

Despite coming out in 2011, the film still has huge fans.
Warner Bros

But this Ryan Gosling classic isn't the only non recent watch on Netflix that's had film and TV fans chatting as many fans have been praising Money Heist despite the last season airing in December 2021.

Taking place in Spain, the main premise follows a group of robbers attempting to rob the Royal Mint of Spain in an attempt to carry out the biggest heist in the world.

With police cornering in on them and 67 hostages at their mercy, the group spend 11 days locked in the bank - and they all have nothing left lose.

One person called it 'best series' they have ever watched, while another said: "This is my all time favourite show I’ve watched it so many times."

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