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Netflix Viewers Think 'Contestants Will Need Therapy' After Appearing On 'Crazy' New Show

Netflix Viewers Think 'Contestants Will Need Therapy' After Appearing On 'Crazy' New Show

From the team behind Love is Blind, Netflix's new show has been described as 'pure chaos'

Viewers think the contestants on Netflix's new dating show will 'need years of therapy'.

From the team behind the fan-favourite Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is the latest excruciating reality series from the streaming platform.

The show follows six couples on the verge of marriage, who enter the ultimate test of their relationship before someone pops the question. The question: will they stick it out, or fall into temptation?

Check out the trailer for The Ultimatum below:

Netflix's official description reads: "The Ultimatum revolves around six couples who are approaching marriage, but one person feels more ready to pop the question than the other; in response, someone’s issued an ultimatum.

"Now contestants have the opportunity to select a new potential partner from one of the other couples. In just over eight weeks, they’ll have to decide if they should get married to their original partner or break up forever."

The show hasn't landed all that well with critics, with some describing it as 'ugly', 'terrible' and 'cruel' compared to Love is Blind.

However, the trashy TV aficionados have been eating it up. One viewer wrote: "If Netflix is good at anything, it’s making the most cringey, asinine reality tv shows that you love to watch. The Ultimatum is pure chaos."

Another tweeted: "The Ultimatum on Netflix is the craziest thing I’ve ever watched."

A common observation among its viewers is that the contestants may need therapy afterwards.

One wrote: "The cast members of The Ultimatum deserve financial compensation for the years of therapy they need. I can’t decide if I hate this show. Netflix is criminal for this one haha."

Another wrote: "Every single individual on The Ultimatum needs TONS of therapy. we’re watching unhealed trauma make bad decision after bad decision."

A third tweeted: "I’m watching The Ultimatum show on Netflix. Let me just say you could NEVERRRRR catch me doing this s**t. Under no circumstances. For no amount of money."

A fourth wrote: "The Ultimatum on Netflix is horrid. Like bro... all these relationships are sooo toxic. Like find your peace y’all. Get therapy. Stay single. Something!"

A fifth joked: "The finale to The Ultimatum on Netflix is that they all get paired with a therapist."

Here's the good news: The Ultimatum is returning for a second season, although it's unclear when. Here's the bad news: The Ultimatum is returning for a second season.

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