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Netflix subscribers 'scarred for life' as they struggle to sleep after watching new horror The Strays

Netflix subscribers 'scarred for life' as they struggle to sleep after watching new horror The Strays

Netflix movie The Strays has been shocking viewers since being released in late February

A new Netflix movie has been leaving viewers ‘scarred for life’ with some proclaiming it as the scariest film of the year. You can see a trailer for the horror flick below.

As you can see, it’s called The Strays and it’s a British horror movie that some have likened to Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us.

It’s been directed by Nathaniel Martello-White and tells the story of a woman who lives a fairly normal life in a suburban UK town.

However, things take a turn for the worse – as they often do in horror flicks – with the emergence of two strangers who seem set to destroy her life and tear down everything she has built.

After watching the movie, viewers have been taking to social media to warn against watching it too late at night.

One said: “If you’re trying to sleep well tonight, don’t watch The Strays right before bed.”

Another said: “Just finished watching The Strays on Netflix and I think I’m scarred for life because what the hell did I just watch!”

The Strays is on Netflix now.

The film follows Neve, a light-skinned black woman who is married to a white man and rejects many things to do with ‘blackness’.

Behind her, there’s a backstory that she cannot escape, which forms the central plot of the movie.

The director said that he was fascinated by the idea of ‘code-switching’ – which is a term for someone in an underrepresented group changing how they behave, speak, and present to fit in.

Martello-White said: “Code-switching is something that a lot of Black people don’t even realise they’re doing,

“It has just become a sort of subconscious survival mechanism.

“In the context of the Black space, I was really interested in – if a woman really self-styled herself on those people in that suburb, what would be the cost? And how much effort would that take?

“Once she makes that code-switch, we understand that to operate in that class, you really do have to become one of them.

“Otherwise, you can’t really exist in that space.

“There are ideals, there are etiquettes, there are things that they do that she has to adhere to. And even then, she has to deal with the microaggressions or racist moments.”

Viewers have been 'scarred for life' by the film.

So, it not only has an important message, people are also thinking that it’s absolutely terrifying.

Another comment read: “What the f*** did I just watch. Now that was something... #TheStrays #Netflix #WTF,”

Someone else wrote: “Just finished The Strays on Netflix and immediately came to Twitter bc what the hell did I just witness #thestraysnetflix.”

Go find out what it’s all about – The Strays is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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