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M&M's spokescandies return after bizarre Super Bowl advert with Maya Rudolph

M&M's spokescandies return after bizarre Super Bowl advert with Maya Rudolph

Let's hope that puts an end to the M&Ms drama for good.

Will the weird obsession with the little M&M's characters finally come to an end after this year's Super Bowl commercial?

The candy company announced earlier this year that they were officially saying goodbye to their 'controversial' spokescandies and appointing Maya Rudolph as their new mascot. And here's how that went:

The announcement was, of course, a huge ploy for this year's M&M's Super Bowl commercial.

That had always been the suspicion among fans when M&M announced they'd decided to get rid of their cute candy characters, who couldn't seem to steer clear of controversy.

After all, why would you scrap beloved cartoon characters just because Tucker Carlson doesn't think they're 'sexy' enough anymore?

The chocolate brand tried to hammer this point home during last night's (Sunday 12 February) Super Bowl ad break.

The first of two commercials saw new mascot Maya Rudolph promote M&M's newest candy endeavour 'Ma-Ya's' which were described as 'candy coated clam bites'.

Maya pushed hard for the stomach-churning candy, while the Red M&M could be seen in the background holding up a sign that read: "Help!"

Maya's takeover was just a publicity stunt, after all.

Later, another clip aired, confirming that the original spokescandies would be returning as the official mascots of the M&M's brand.

During their 'press conference', the Red M&M tells cameras that he and the other candies were simply 'put on pause'.

The Orange M&M, who has been appointed as a sort of mental health awareness character, chimes in: "Am I anxious about being back? Does it seem like I am?"

Finally, the newest addition to the group, the Purple M&M adds that she's thrilled to be back because 'as a walking, talking candy, [her] options are pretty limited'.

Before the clip aired on TV, the official M&M's social media page documented the spokescandies attempts at exploring new careers while they were out of work.

While Red M&M appeared to get a job as an eBay seller, Ms Brown rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, Blue tried out a sportscasting career, and Yellow tried and failed to make it works as a Snickers spokesperson.


Now we can only hope that their return will mark the end of this weird M&M journey we've all been on together.

It all kicked off in 2022, when female M&M's got a redesign to fit in with a ''more dynamic and progressive world' - essentially this just meant that Green traded in her go-go boots for a pair of sneakers.

As if that wasn't upsetting enough, self-proclaimed 'alpha males' absolutely lost it this year when the company announced its 'all-female' packets to celebrate International Women's Day.

This was, apparently, as controversial as things could possibly get.

So now that Maya has blown all that out of the water with her horrendous-sounding 'clam bites', let's all just be grateful for the return of these simple candies and their harmless personalities.

It's really not that deep, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Mars

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