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Self-described 'alpha male' is boycotting M&M's until they release an all-male packet

Rachel Lang

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Self-described 'alpha male' is boycotting M&M's until they release an all-male packet

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Nick Adams. Mars.

A self-described 'alpha male' has absolutely lost it over M&M's releasing special packets of the iconic chocolates featuring an all female character lineup.

The limited edition snacks aim to celebrate the sisters who are out there flipping the status quo to put an end to antiquated gender roles and ideas while raising funds for female charities.

Nick Adams, a man who describes himself as 'Australian by birth, American by choice', has taken to social media to hold the candy company to account for what he calls 'feminist M&M's'.


"M&Ms have just released feminist M&Ms...[This is] egregious sexism of the worst and most conceivable (sic) kind," he said on Twitter.

"It is outrageous. It is disgusting, and it must not stand."

Weird hill to die on, if you ask us.


Either way, the chocolatey campaign, called 'Flipping the Status Quo', will see $1 from each pack sold will go towards charities dedicated to female empowerment.

This seems to have infuriated his patriarchally-driven need to be the center of attention, because Adams is mad as hell about this one.

"Any male that buys a packet of M&M's from today forward must hand in their 'man' card because they are soft, woke, beta, male feminist, who have serious, serious problems," he said.

"Until M&M's rectify this great wrong by giving us all male M&M's, this boycott will remain."

What the limited-edition M&Ms look like. Credit: Mars
What the limited-edition M&Ms look like. Credit: Mars

He added: "We will not stand for this at all."

His video rant has since been viewed more than two million times on Twitter.

The pro-Trump 'alpha male' also posted a string of other tweets in which he continues to slam Mars, but one stuck out as sort of ironic.


One tweet hit out at 'snowflake liberals' because he claims they waste time being eternally 'outraged about something'.

"It's pathetic," he wrote. "Just live your life and get over yourself."

Twitter users were quick to highlight this little hypocrisy.


One user said: "At the top is you complaining about candy, at the bottom is you saying liberals are always upset."

A second added: "This coming from the clown crying about M&M's."

But, if he really wants an all-male lineup of M&Ms characters, maybe he could just eat pre-1997 packets of M&M''s.

That was when the first female spokescandy was introduced and we're sure they're still fine to eat.


Either way, Mars' Flipping the Status Quo campaign is happening, whether he likes it or not.

The limited-edition packets are available in milk chocolate, peanut butter and peanut varieties.

They feature the female M&M's characters - three of them - and will appear upside down, to go with the 'flipping' the status quo notion.

The special packages are available at grocery stores across the US until March, so get in quick or miss out.

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Rachel Lang
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