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Gambit wearing a crop-top in new X-Men series has some fans outraged

Gambit wearing a crop-top in new X-Men series has some fans outraged

Some people were angry about the character Gambit's outfit in the new X Men series

A new series of X-Men has dropped and despite getting a largely positive reception from fans some people are not happy.

The new series is called X-Men '97, and is a revival of the old programme X-Men: The Animated Series, which ran until, you guessed it, 1997.

It picks up with everyone's favourite characters, including Gambit, the cajun bo staff-wielding mutant with powers around energy manipulation.

The new show has had positive reviews from critics as well, with Empire magazine calling it a 'blast from the past', and Variety dubbing it a 'worthy sequel'.

But there's one small part of the show which has certainly got people talking.

Being set in the 90s still, some of the characters have costumes which you might call period appropriate.

That means some pretty funky outfits, and it's one worn by Gambit which has people talking on the internet.

The notoriously flamboyant and flirtatious character was glimpsed in an episode called To me, my X-Men brings back some old characters including Jean Grey, Morph, Rogue, and of course Gambit.

Gambit rocking a crop topin X-Men '97.

Gambit is in the kitchen wearing a pink crop top that shows off his washboard abs.

And unfortunately this started prompting some bad reactions from people, who thought that the crop top was not right for Gambit.

One person wrote 'Dude looks gay' with a crying emoji, while another said simply 'that's not Gambit'.

The new X-Men series has previously been subject to the tired rigmarole around the 'culture wars', with some people saying that the new iteration of X-Men is 'woke'.

Some have interpreted the X-Men series as a metaphor for the struggle for black liberation in the mid-20th century, with Professor X being representative of Martin Luther King Jr, and Magneto of Malcolm X.

Gambit and Wolverine in the new series.

Others have argued that the series is also a metaphor for the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights, with the 'mutants' representing the LGBTQ+ community being ostracised by society.

Many fans of the show also loved Gambit's donning of a crop top.

Actor AJ LoCascio voiced Gambit in the series, and tweeted: "Gonna need this shirt & to stop eating pizza for about 3 months to wear it."

Another fan wrote: "We need to bring back men wearing crop-tops."

TikToker @pearlmania5000 also posted a hilarious video in which he said that in his 1990s action figure Gambit was 'dressed as bisexual lightning' and pointing out that 'his powers are turning things hot pink and then they explode', and adding: "He [Gambit] has always been gay, it's not the shirt."

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios / Disney+

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