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Longlegs review: Demonically wicked Nicolas Cage horror has Satan lurking behind every shot

Longlegs review: Demonically wicked Nicolas Cage horror has Satan lurking behind every shot

Longlegs is satanic, scary, and shocking

If you’ve seen any of the reviews for the new Nicolas Cage film Longlegs, then you'll have noticed there's been a common theme in the most of them.

Everyone who has seen this film comes out with some variation of: ‘This is the scariest thing I have ever seen. I felt Satan in the room with me. It made me want my mother. I cried. I sh*t my pants in fear.’

Now having seen the film, I can confirm: the hype is all real, you will be that scared, and it is undeniably the best horror film of the past five years - and maybe of the 21st century.

Longlegs begins as a seemingly straightforward if shocking serial killer drama, with Mindhunter and Silence of the Lambs being clear influences.

As the plot unfolds and satanic hints are dropped, however, you begin to wonder at every turn… this isn’t being done by the Devil… is it…?

That uncertainty and tension are drawn out to perfection across the film - and the perfect tension in a movie is so often the tension you don’t realise is being created.

Director Osgood Perkins brilliantly mixes long takes where you don’t even notice your heartrate is skyrocketing, before quickly flashing quick demonic shots which make you realise just how on edge you are.

Maika Monroe is outstanding in the lead role. (NEON)
Maika Monroe is outstanding in the lead role. (NEON)

Nicolas Cage is terrifying, and just as in the incredibly creative marketing material for this film – is used sparingly.

Much of the movie is spent with his influence creeping in the background, placing an invisible hand over everything, but all without being physically present.

The actor is physically transformed for this film for the first time in his career, and when you eventually see him, it is horrifying.

Actor Maika Monroe was hidden from seeing how he looked until they shot a scene together for the first time, and you can feel that Monroe is just as unsettled as the audience is.

Nicolas Cage is unrecognisable. (NEON)
Nicolas Cage is unrecognisable. (NEON)

The It Follows star leads the film as FBI agent Lee Harker, a reserved but insightful agent who is relatively green.

Her performance is incredible and ties Longlegs together.

So often bigger name supporting actors in this film will receive all the plaudits, and whilst Cage is haunting - Monroe is the heart and soul of this film.

Longlegs also occupies such a specific niche.

There’s something so thrilling about a good crime drama, especially one involving solving the patterns of serial killers.

On the other side though, few things can get under your skin like supernatural satanic plots.

Prepare to need an exorcism or two after this film. (NEON)
Prepare to need an exorcism or two after this film. (NEON)

Longlegs is a singularly terrifying watch. You will spend minutes at a time holding your breath, and it doesn’t rely on jump scares to pay this off.

It genuinely is no exaggeration to say it feels like Satan is lying behind every shot.

Osgood Perkins has announced himself as one of the world’s premiere new voices in horror, and Longlegs is a near-masterpiece in horror filmmaking.

Cage is one of the most unsettling horror villains ever with a horrifying makeover, Monroe dominates the screen and is equal parts empathetic and constantly hinting at something deeper going on, and Perkins displays masterfully mature direction.

Go watch Longlegs as soon as you can - but remember to say your prayers before going into the cinema.


Featured Image Credit: NEON

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