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Hugh Jackman turned down the role of James Bond
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Hugh Jackman turned down the role of James Bond

Hugh Jackman was almost nearly James Bond, and honestly, we hope he reconsiders the latest reboot.

Hugh Jackman was nearly James Bond, and honestly, we hope he reconsiders the latest reboot.

Ah, 007, it's the role that many actors dream of, he's suave, drinks questionably made martinis, and has a license to kill.

However, all that didn't seem to entice Jackman, in fact, it was revealed that the Aussie actor turned the role down.

The Aussie actor turned down the role.
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Yep, that's right, Jackman reportedly turned down the role of Bond before Daniel Craig was cast, explaining to Indiewire that he 'didn’t want to do the same things' or be typecast as an action hero.

"The role of the hero action star. It was the meat-and-potatoes of a lot of American films, that archetype. It was all various forms of heroic guys in tough situations. I was like, ‘Uh, no. This is a problem," he said.

While the X-Men actor 'had a look' at playing 007 and was even offered the part, he decided against it: "I was like, 'If I’m doing that and Wolverine, I’ll have no time to do anything else.' I clearly find it more interesting to play people who colour outside the lines."

It's unclear who will take over as 007.
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And to be fair, we think he did pretty incredibly without the role, which eventually went to Craig who's killed it since first appearing in the franchise's 2006 offering, Casino Royale.

However, as Craig hangs up his licence to kill, some are wondering who will be taking over the role of Bond.

Honestly, we'd love to see Jackman cast, but that seems unlikely.

And the possibility of a non-binary Bond was hinted at by producer Barbara Broccoli.

She revealed her thoughts in an interview for the Girls On Film podcast as host Anna Smith asked if the iconic character could be ‘non-binary, perhaps, maybe one day?’

Broccoli replied: "Who knows? I mean, I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor."

And we for one, would love to see it.

Piers Morgan wasn't having it.

However, this idea was met with some backlash by some, namely, Piers Morgan, who tweeted: "For the love of God, just leave the poor man alone to be a proper man; a steely-eyed, hard-drinking, womanising, smoking, charming, politically incorrect, freedom-defending bastion of old-fashioned gloriously woke-allergic manhood."

While others added: "Agreed. Leave 007 alone and create a new character where it can be whatever the thing wants to be."

But other people hit back, saying: "You know, all the old moves will still exist. It's funny that the idea of a fictional "old man" is being harmed is somehow more important then the actual people who may be inspired by the representation."

Still, other actors tipped for the part of Bond are Henry Cavil, Idris Elba and Regé-Jean Page.

Who do you think the next Bond will be?

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